10 best indoor plants for relaxation in 2021

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Spending time in nature can bring some great mental and physical benefits. However, ordinary people still spend 80% to 90% of their time indoors. However, when people cannot leave their place (common during a pandemic), they can still reap the benefits of nature by adding indoor plants to their homes, offices, or apartments.

Research shows that indoor plants can have a positive effect on your health. In addition to reducing stress and helping with tasks, they also act as air purifiers by reducing pollutants in the environment.

Many indoor plants require minimal maintenance and do not need direct sunlight to grow normally, so they are very suitable for beginners to grow. Taking care of them can also be a good reminder to take care of your health.

If you want to relax and enjoy the benefits of your own plants, here are the best indoor plants for relaxation.

Final verdict

For beginners and experts, Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant (Amazon Landscape) is easy to maintain. Affordable and unique, it eliminates toxins commonly found in household cleaning products. Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree (Amazon Landscape) is also a beautiful, easy-to-care plant that is big enough to fill an entire corner.

What to look for in indoor plants


Most indoor plants are low-maintenance and need to be watered every week or every other week. Each plant species requires different care, so you need to do research to understand the frequency of watering, the required room temperature, the need for sunlight, and whether root rot or pests are prone to occur.

If you are a beginner, start with one or two low-maintenance plants before planting your collection and feel satisfied during the maintenance process.

Air purification capacity

Indoor plants should make your space feel as fresh as the outdoors. Each one can naturally purify the air and produce oxygen in a unique way, so having multiple types can bring various benefits to your home, office or apartment. People with larger surface areas tend to be more effective in detoxifying air.

Decoration and atmosphere

Adding some home furnishings is as easy as buying some indoor plants for your space. Ground plants and hanging plants can turn bare corners into design focal points, while making the whole room feel complete and vibrant. Choose colors, sizes, and even flower pot designs that complement the rest of the room. If you plan to buy a floor plant, if you have pets or children, make sure it is non-toxic.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to take care of indoor plants?

    Taking good care of indoor plants means proper watering (not too much or too little), adequate light (natural light from direct or indirect sources), and ensuring that preventive measures are taken to avoid root rot or pest problems.

  • How to remove bugs on indoor plants?

    If you need to remove insects from plants, make sure that you will not harm the plants during the process. One method is to soak a cotton ball in 70% isopropanol and tap it on the stem. You can also spray the plants with a mixture of detergent and water (1 teaspoon soap and 1 gallon of water).

  • How to water indoor plants?

    Each plant species has different watering requirements, so it is important to study the amount and frequency of watering a specific plant. Most require watering once a week to once a month. When watering, remember the following tips:

    1. Water the soil, not the leaves or plants.
    2. The roots of plants reflect their leaves, so make sure that the water is dispersed throughout the soil, not in one place.
    3. Punch holes in the pot to allow excess water to drain from the roots. Failure to do so may cause root rot.
    4. Some plants need more time between watering to allow air to reach the roots. Plants usually come with care instructions, so check if your plants like constant moisture or have a longer time between watering.

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