11 best puzzle books for adults in 2021

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As you grow older, it is important to maintain a sharp and agile mind-not only for your happiness, but also for your family and friends. Unfortunately, as we age, forgetfulness, irritability, or inability to handle multiple tasks at the same time may happen naturally. Fortunately, as you grow older, you can take some measures to combat mental decline.

Activity experts have discovered the benefits of “mind games”, which are puzzles and games that focus on memory, problem solving, and speed. Solving these problems may help you maintain a younger mind and strengthen your brain.

Adult puzzle books are good for brain health-they also provide a form of screenless entertainment that people of all ages lack.

To get you started, here are the best adult puzzle books on the market.

Our first choice

These puzzles are unique in nature and take you to complete the “escape room” challenge, requiring you to decrypt the message.

Each of these puzzles is full of interesting facts that will teach you something new while providing multiple challenges.

Suitable for crossword enthusiasts of all ages, it contains 200 Monday crosswords from the New York Times.

Designed for adults who like critical thinking, 130 puzzles are designed to challenge your intelligence.

Each of the 125 big-character puzzles contains mathematical elements, and their difficulty gradually increases.

Ideal for word masters, each puzzle contains at least 45 words, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.

This book is a good choice for adults who want to improve their critical thinking skills through classic Sudoku games.

These puzzles are designed to promote memory and attention to detail, and take your mental exercise to a new level.

Each password contains five hints, followed by a solution section for you to check your work.

Each mystery contains a witty plot line, and the complete characters and description make solving the puzzle fun.

Best Overall: Master Theorem: Puzzle Book

Main theorem


  • Beautiful

  • Unique

  • Prompt available

Thanks to its beautifully illustrated pages and unique puzzles, the book contains more than 40 puzzles, which quickly attracted a large number of followers. These puzzles convey a challenging “room escape” atmosphere, requiring individuals to decrypt information, solve brain teasers, and use critical thinking skills to complete the challenge.

The difficulty ranges from moderate to difficult, and this book is designed to keep puzzle solvers busy for weeks. However, there are some useful tips on the back of this book to help you overcome obstacles.

Difficulty level: medium to difficult | Number of puzzles: 40+ | Style: Logic | Size: 7.5 x 10 inches

Best beginner: 125 best brain teasers of all time: exciting math, logic and word game challenges

125 best brain teasers of all time

If you are looking for a puzzle book and don’t know where to start, this book with 125 best brain teasers is a good choice. Each puzzle describes the history of this style, some new interesting facts and challenges-giving your brain a multi-dimensional puzzle experience.

As the book progresses, the puzzles will become more difficult, which means you will have the opportunity to improve your skills as you proceed. This book has more than 200 pages of vocabulary questions, logic puzzles, etc. It is a great entry choice for all ages.

Difficulty level: 5 challenge levels | Number of puzzles: 125 | Style: Variety | Size: 5.3 x 7.9 inches

Best Crossword: New York Times Monday Crossword Comprehensive

New York Times Monday crossword puzzle synthesis

The New York Times is known for its Sunday crosswords, but this puzzle book proves that Monday can be just as fun. This book contains 200 Monday Times crossword puzzles, including interesting challenges that are not too difficult.

This puzzle book is edited by Will Shortz, the crossword editor of The New York Times, and is suitable for word makers of all ages. In addition, if you finish reading this book, there are other New York Times crossword books at the back.

Difficulty level: Easy | Number of puzzles: 200 | Style: Crossword puzzle | Size: 8.47 x 10.92 inches

Best Logic: Complex Logic Puzzles for Adults: More than 130 difficult puzzles to challenge your brain

Tricky logic puzzles for adults

This puzzle is designed for adults who wish to expand their critical thinking skills. This book contains 130 puzzles designed to challenge your mental muscles, aiming to maximize your critical thinking skills.

There are many unique puzzle styles-Sudoku, Masyu, logic, grid, non-graphics, etc.-all of which are easy to understand but difficult to complete. Because of the variety of styles, it keeps you alert, so boredom will not be a problem.

Difficulty level: Hard | Number of puzzles: 130 | Style: Variety | Size: 6 x 8.9 inches

Best math: more than 120 adult puzzle books

Over 120 adult puzzle books


  • Large font

  • Various puzzles

This diversified puzzle book aims to improve the thinking ability of adults, and aims to improve memory, creative thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. It includes 125 large-character puzzles, all of which contain mathematical elements, such as number blocks or BODMAS equations.

These simple math reviews are very suitable for adults and elderly people who want to perform classroom mental exercises in their own way. The puzzles start from simple levels and gradually increase to medium difficulty. This book is printed in large print throughout, suitable for all ages.

Difficulty level: easy to medium | Number of puzzles: 125 | Style: Math | Size: 8 x 10 inches

Best word search: Funster 500+ adult word search puzzle

Funster 500+ adult word search puzzle

This award-winning word search book has more than 500 puzzles to help you keep you entertained for hours. The difficulty level of each puzzle is different, and a theme is assigned to it. When you read the book your way, it will become more interesting and memorable.

In addition to the creative perspective, each puzzle contains at least 45 words, allowing you to play for hours. Due to the large margins, you can easily tear off the next page (each page contains two puzzle pieces) and store it in your wallet or backpack for emergency use. In addition, the book also provides access to free online bonus puzzles.

Difficulty level: Variation | Number of puzzles: 500+ | Style: Word search | Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Best Sudoku: Oh, my Sudoku!Over 1000 Sudoku puzzles from easy to difficult: Adult Sudoku puzzles

Oh my Sudoku!

This book is a good choice for adults who want to improve their critical thinking skills through classic Sudoku games. It has more than 1,000 puzzles ranging from easy to difficult, allowing individuals to improve their skills throughout the book.

This book is designed with wide margins, allowing you to easily tear off a page and take it with you for relaxing entertainment anytime, anywhere. You can also download the Sudoku Mastering Guide for free after purchasing this book.

Difficulty level: easy to hard | Number of puzzles: 1,056 | Style: Sudoku | Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Best Variety Books: 399 games, puzzles and trivia challenges designed to keep your brain young

399 games, puzzles, and game trivia challenges

This jigsaw puzzle variety book contains 399 jigsaw puzzles ranging from trivia to word games, which will take your mental training to the next level. The difficulty of multifunctional puzzles is different. Six cognitive functions are considered in the design and planning: long-term memory, working memory, executive function, attention to detail, multitasking and processing speed.

This format ensures that adults who read this book can use multiple brain functions only by completing puzzles. This 420-page book is very suitable for people over 6 years old. It can enhance cognitive function and give you a healthy mind.

Difficulty level: Variation | Number of puzzles: 399 | Style: Variety | Size: 7.25 x 9.19 inches

Best Password: This Day: 365 fascinating facts about each day of the year hidden in the password

On this day: 365 fascinating facts about every day of the year hidden in the code


  • Include solution page

  • Prompt available

A password is a puzzle consisting of a small piece of encrypted text-a password is required to solve the message. This book provides 365 days of passwords, each of which contains an interesting fact that allows you to learn new information while solving puzzles.

The book is printed in easy-to-read 16-point font, and interesting facts range from strange laws to origin stories. If you encounter difficulties, each password contains five hints to help you solve the problem, making it a good choice for puzzle lovers of all levels.

Difficulty level: medium to difficult | Number of puzzles: 365 | Style: Password | Size: 8 x 10 inches

Best mystery: The most puzzling murders: 20 outstanding cases

Murder is the most puzzling

This book contains 20 murder mystery puzzles, suitable for adults who only like to start mystery exploration. Each puzzle contains a witty plot line, as well as characters and descriptions that make the task feel real.

Readers are chosen as loyal partners of amateur murder investigators, and from there, they work through a variety of dark, humorous puzzles. For adults, this is a good choice, but for children, this may be too mature.

Difficulty level: easy to hard | Number of puzzles: 20 | Style: Mystery | Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Best for seniors: 100 big word crosswords: simple puzzles to entertain your brain

100 Chinese Characters Crossword: A simple puzzle to make your brain enjoy it


  • Large font

  • Prompt available

  • All ages

Sharpening the brain is a good practice for children, adults and the elderly. This book contains 100 large-character crossword puzzles, making actual memory retention a simple (and fun) task.

There are clues attached to each puzzle, which can help people who solve the problem to browse the book easily. Large prints also make it the best choice for individuals who have difficulty seeing smaller prints. Although this is great for those who wish to hone their brain muscles, it may not be challenging enough for experienced crossword solvers.

Difficulty level: Easy | Number of puzzles: 100 | Style: Crossword puzzle | Size: 8.5 x 9 inches

Final verdict

“The Master Theorem Book of Puzzles” (view on Amazon) allows people to get rid of the traditional way of thinking of puzzle books and make full use of the entertainment and fun that puzzle games can provide. Its beautifully designed pages and modern methods make puzzle lovers and skeptics irresistible.

For those who want more classic puzzles, “399 games, puzzles, and trivia challenges are specially designed to keep your brain young” (check it out on Amazon) has a variety of puzzles, including styles and difficulty levels , The focus is to improve your cognitive function.

What to look for in an adult puzzle book

Difficulty level

Every puzzle book should clearly mark the difficulty level-as you finish the book, many difficulties may increase. Choosing a puzzle that matches your skills will ensure that you accept the challenge without encountering setbacks.

Number of puzzles

To get the most benefit, choose a book that has enough puzzles to keep you busy in the next few weeks. The crossword in the Sunday newspaper is great, but it may not be enough to maintain the duration of the flight. Find a book with a lot of puzzles so you don’t have to buy another one tomorrow.


Buying a puzzle book is not a panacea, because there are a variety of puzzle styles on the market. Choose a style that appeals to you, whether it’s a word problem or a mathematical equation.


If you want the option to carry with you, you need a puzzle book that can easily fit in your wallet or backpack.

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