500 mg of vitamin C is too much?

500 mg of vitamin C is too much?

“The safe upper limit for vitamin C is 2,000 milligrams per day, and there is an excellent track record with strong evidence that taking 500 milligrams per day is safe,” he says.

Is taking 1000 mg of vitamin C safe?

You should be able to get all the vitamin C you need by eating a varied and balanced diet. If you are taking vitamin C supplements, do not take too much as it could be harmful. Taking less than 1,000 mg of vitamin C supplements per day is unlikely to cause harm.

How Much Vitamin C Should You Take Daily?

The amount you need depends on your age and gender, but, in general, adults should aim to get between 65 and 90 mg of vitamin C per day. You can get all the vitamin C you need by drinking a glass of orange juice or eating a cup of strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or kale.

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How much vitamin C can the body absorb at one time?

While small doses (less than 200 mg) are completely absorbed, only a fraction of a single large dose of ascorbic acid can be absorbed at one time (500 mg or more). Spacing doses will increase overall absorption. You can take vitamin C every few hours, but it becomes a difficult practice to follow.

When is the best time to take vitamin C?

Although vitamin C is a very useful nutrient, it is a water-soluble nutrient, which is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach. An ideal way would be to take your supplement first thing in the morning, 30 to 45 minutes before your meal.

When should I take Vitamin C 1000mg?

How to use C-1000. Take this vitamin by mouth with or without food, usually 1-2 times a day. Follow all directions on the product package or follow your doctor’s instructions. If you are taking extended-release capsules, swallow them whole.

How many milligrams of vitamin C should I take?

If you’re taking vitamin C for its antioxidant properties, keep in mind that the supplement might not provide the same benefits as natural antioxidants found in food. The recommended daily amount of vitamin C is 90 milligrams for adult men and 75 milligrams for adult women. Research on the use of vitamin C for specific conditions shows:

How much vitamin C does a child need?

Vitamin C supplements should meet the RDA and stay well below the established UL – 400 for young children, 1200 mg for children aged 9-13, 1800 mg for adolescents and 2000 mg for the adults. Consuming a variety of vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables can also go a long way in supporting optimal health and well-being.

How many vitamins should an elderly person take per day?

Most men 51 and older should aim for 75 mg per day. Most women 51 and older should aim for 90 mg per day. Most men aged 51 and over should aim for 15 mg per day.

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Which foods contain the most vitamin C?

For most people, an orange or a cup of strawberries, chopped red pepper or broccoli provides enough vitamin C for the day. For adults, the recommended daily amount of vitamin C is 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) per day, and the upper limit is 2,000 mg per day.

500 mg of vitamin C is too much?
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