6 alternative graduate programs for psychology majors

An undergraduate degree in psychology provides a good preparation for a variety of careers. Although many undergraduate psychology majors later chose to study psychology in graduate school, some students chose different education and career paths.

The great thing about a bachelor’s degree in psychology is that it prepares you for graduate study in many different fields. Psychology students usually continue to study education, counseling, or social work in graduate school. Some students even choose to continue studying law or medicine.

Alternative Master’s Degree Paths for Psychology

Before you choose a graduate program, it is important to consider your options and personal interests. If you are considering a postgraduate course other than psychology, you might think of the following alternative educational pathways for the psychology major.

social work

Social work is a rapidly developing field with a wide range of opportunities. Social workers help individuals and families overcome poverty, disability, domestic abuse, and addiction. Psychology students interested in this profession are eligible to apply for most social work master’s programs.

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In many fields such as private clinics, hospitals, government agencies, police departments, and nursing homes, there is a great demand for master-level social workers. According to data from the US Department of Labor, it is expected that between 2018 and 2028, the growth rate of social work occupations will exceed the average occupation.

If you are interested in a highly rewarding career that can change people’s lives, consider studying for a master’s degree in social work.


There are many educational programs, and an undergraduate degree in psychology may be beneficial. Some psychology students choose to become certified teachers and apply their knowledge of human behavior and learning directly to the classroom.

Educational psychology, school psychology, educational technology, curriculum planning, educational evaluation and other majors are all possible educational paths for undergraduate psychology majors.


For those who want to become marriage and family therapists, school counselors or mental health counselors, counseling is another option. Becoming a licensed counselor requires a master’s degree plus at least two years of supervisory experience.

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If you like to work with people, consider plans for marriage and family counseling, school counseling, or mental health counseling.

Law and Criminal Justice

The understanding of human behavior and communication skills gained during the undergraduate studies in psychology also provides excellent training for the legal and criminal justice professions.

Some psychology majors choose law school after graduation, while others choose to pursue a career in criminology or forensic psychology.

Academic Counseling and Student Affairs

If you like college life and want to help college students achieve their academic goals, a career in academic consulting or student affairs may be a good choice. Academic advisors help students choose courses, majors, internships, and other important educational matters. They also handle admission decisions, financial aid, scholarships and career placement. Some also teach undergraduate courses in study skills and student life.

If you are interested in helping students succeed at university, academic counseling or a graduate degree in student affairs may be your best choice.

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Medicine and Health Sciences

Psychology majors with a strong interest in science may consider a career in medicine or health sciences. Although many pre-medical students choose an undergraduate degree in biology or chemistry, an undergraduate degree in psychology is also a preparation for a career in medicine.

If you are considering studying health sciences in the future, you can increase your chances of success by taking a large number of science and math courses during your undergraduate course.

Potential educational paths include medical school or postgraduate studies in occupational therapy or physical therapy.

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Before you decide which career path is best for you, please evaluate your needs, interests, and career goals. An undergraduate degree in psychology is a preparation for a variety of careers. The interpersonal, communication, writing, and research skills you acquire in psychology can help you succeed in graduate school and at work.

Before making the choice that suits you best, carefully consider your choice.