6 situations that cannabis can imitate

Marijuana is touted as the safest of all recreational drugs. There is considerable debate about this, but the good news is that there are very few reports of death from marijuana. However, the use of marijuana with other drugs is a bigger problem. Even alcohol can significantly enhance the effects of weeds. After hearing how full-bodied cannabis should be, many people who tried it for the first time were surprised by their reaction.

With the development of medicines, especially natural medicines, cannabis is one of the most complex medicines.It is made from the hemp plant and contains more than 113 active ingredients called Cannabinoids. These cannabinoids all affect the body in some way, but not always in the same way. Those who are proficient in different options have the ability to choose the height they want.

However, those who are not familiar with the scene may be surprised by the reaction they feel. There are many stories about people trying marijuana for the first time — or, more accurately, the first time since college — and discovering that Gao did not fully meet their expectations. A quick search on the Internet reveals that a large number of 911 calls come from people who do not enjoy the excitement they feel.

More demanding than mellow

Some people think they have a medical emergency when they go to the hospital.

The various psychoactive substances in marijuana may have various reactions to its consumption, and even the way of taking drugs will be different.

Eating cannabis brownies metabolize weeds in a different way than smoking cannabis, which means that eating the same bud and smoking may have different effects. Compared with taking the drug, it takes longer to feel the effect after taking the drug, which usually causes the newcomer to eat too much and think that they have nothing. When weeds start to grow, it grows out all at once.

The two most famous cannabinoids in the pot are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).Medical institutions are not completely sure of the exact role of each method, but it is generally believed that the anti-anxiety properties of CBD partially offset the paranoia and anxiety caused by THC. Some people use CBD extracts on drugs to control seizures and reduce anxiety, with some success. Others seek the highest concentration of THC they can find, which results in high concentrations that look more like a stimulant than the cannabis tranquilizer most people expect.

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To meet demand, modern cannabis growers are very good at increasing production. The world’s agricultural advances in increasing food production per acre or even per plant have also increased the concentration of THC in weeds. The THC in confiscated cannabis samples increased from 3.4% in 1993 to 8.8% in 2008.Most importantly, in addition to the usual buds, there are other forms of cannabis. Hash Oil, sometimes called Butane Honey Oil or BHO, is known for being very effective, with a THC content of up to 80%.The more THC in the product, the more anxiety and stimulant-like reactions are expected.

Not only are there huge agricultural advances pushing the limits of agricultural efficiency, but there are also synthetic copies of hemp. K2 or Spice are examples of synthetic cannabinoid compounds that mimic the effects of natural weeds and act on the same cannabinoid receptors in the body. It sounds great to say that we can make weeds instead of planting weeds, but the reality is that you really don’t know what you get. In addition to weeds that can mimic certain medical conditions, synthetic cannabinoids may also contain other drugs as part of their chemical composition, or they can be mixed with other drugs to enhance their effects.

Can weeds feel like heart disease?

In addition to THC and CBD, there are more than one hundred cannabinoids in cannabis compounds. We don’t know how cannabis affects the body. Because it can excite you, scientists have focused on the effects of marijuana on the brain and central nervous system. However, there is evidence that weeds can also affect the heart.

There are several documented cannabis that caused arrhythmia, and even one person died of a fatal arrhythmia. These people may already have heart disease. Even if they don’t know it, weeds will definitely affect how their heart functions during orgasm. In at least one case of atrial fibrillation, this effect persisted after the high point subsided.

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Since the effects of marijuana on the heart are still largely unknown, the fact that some people may feel as if they have a heart attack after consuming marijuana cannot be ignored. Marijuana can relieve pain; in fact, it is one of the many benefits touted as medicinal.Therefore, even if weeds affect the heart in a negative way, they may cause chest pain when awake, and people may not feel the pain. When smoking marijuana, you cannot ignore painful sensations, including heart palpitations or chest tightness. The fact is, it may not be imitating a heart attack, but it may be causing a heart attack.


Weeds will slow down your mental processes.This is one of the main parts of cannabis that users remember (well, if you can remember anything). It is this slowness, gentleness, and absent-mindedness that is the source of many mischiefs.

Imagine a person with diabetes smokes a bit of weed and someone comes to visit. Slow, paused movements and difficult to find words are exactly what you expect to see during periods of low blood sugar. Just don’t reach for the chocolate cake to help solve the problem.

Is vomit a pot or gastroenteritis?

The pot made some people vomit. It even has a name: Cannabinoid hyperemesis. Usually related to long-term cannabis use, cannabinoid hyperemesis can cause severe, uncontrollable vomiting.Some people find that hot showers can temporarily reduce nausea, but the only reliable way to stop it completely is to stop smoking marijuana.

Little is known about cannabinoid hyperemesis. Although it is known to affect chronic tokers, uncontrollable vomiting has been recorded in other cases of people who simply take large amounts of marijuana. There is controversy about whether you can really overdose weeds, but the medical community generally agrees that there is such a thing as cannabis poisoning. Vomiting is one of the most frequently mentioned effects.

For people who start vomiting after smoking marijuana, vomiting during vomiting can easily be mistaken for infection or gastroenteritis. It is very important to be honest about marijuana use. Unless they know that the patient is smoking marijuana, it will be difficult for those around the patient to determine the cause of the nausea. This is especially bad news for people who start smoking marijuana to treat nausea, and chemotherapy patients often use this method.

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In addition to vomiting, the pot is also known for causing a lot of heartburn among the people who use it the most.Chronic users can take some measures to relieve indigestion, but the only guaranteed treatment is to quit smoking.

Panic attack

Although most panic attacks are psychotic in nature, weeds can definitely press the panic button. It is not unheard of to see patients hyperventilating and not afraid of anything, especially when they are high.Unfortunately, like many other side effects of marijuana, time is the only cure. There is no antidote on the market that can reverse the effects of cannabis. In fact, abstinence is the only option for those who are susceptible to the panic that weeds may produce.

The anxiety-causing properties of THC are notorious. Even in the past, when the amount of THC in the joints was far less effective than it is today, some people did not like the way weeds made them feel like the police would come at any time. The anxiety caused by taking a drug that is clearly illegal may be more severe than in today’s more forgiving environment. However, no matter the barriers to marijuana use have been eliminated, it may be offset by the effectiveness of the product.

Cannabis psychosis

One step beyond panic is paranoia. This is a good route, but when weeds bring you there, it may not bring you back. When marijuana is completely metabolized in some vulnerable individuals, the psychosis caused by marijuana does not always subside.In most cases of THC-induced psychosis, stopping use is the ultimate cure, but there are also examples of long-term psychosis caused by cannabis.

This is one of the reasons why it is absolutely far away from the highest concentration of THC. Whether you choose to use it or not, pushing THC restrictions can be a dangerous game.


6 situations that cannabis can imitate
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