7 best life coach certification programs in 2022

Best Online Self-Defense Course cost Course length Expertise/focus
Coaching Professional Excellence Institute

Best overall
Cost is approximately US$11,950 10 to 12 months Obtain three certificates through one program
Life Coach Training Professional Certification Association

Best Intensive Class
Tuition fee is approximately US$7,700 18 to 24 months Comprehensive coaching plan to prepare for master coach certification
Health Coach Academy Dual Life and Health Coach Certification

Optimal health concerns
Prepaid US$4,450 or more than 24 months to pay approximately US$7,200 About 6 months Dual life and health coach certification, completely virtual
CoachU Core Foundation Course

Best for changing careers
Tuition fees vary depending on the format, and distance learning is approximately US$4,000 About 6 months Designed for working people, completely virtual
Life Purpose Life Coach Certification
Best for personal development
Cost about 170 USD 7 hours of video Concise lessons to help you find your goals
Master’s Life Coaching Program of School of Comprehensive Health

Best advanced
The cost of the plan is approximately US$2,500 Self-paced Master Life Coach Certification
Certified Life Coaching Association Life Coaching Certification

Best fast
Tuition fee is about USD 1,000 3 days immersive education Fast certification, the core ability to become a life coach
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common problem

What is life coach certification?

The life coach certification is a document indicating that you have completed the life coaching training program of the educational institution. Think of it as getting a personal training certification or nutrition coaching certification.

Life coach certification enables you to coach others in specific areas of life (usually chosen by the coach), such as health, finances, career, and habit changes.

It is important to remember that life coach certification is not a substitute for a health or medical license: if you want to coach and help people with specific health aspects, such as fitness, nutrition or family life, be sure to seek appropriate credentials.

How much does life coach certification cost?

The cost of life coach certification varies, but you can expect to spend from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The total cost depends on the length, delivery format, and intensity of the program you choose.

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Financial assistance is available for a select few life coach certification programs. Courses that do not provide scholarships or assistance usually have a payment plan or financing that allows you to register and participate in the course, but pay the tuition in installments. The life coach certification programs in this list that offer payment plans or financing include:

  • Certified Life Coach Academy
  • Life Coach Training Academy (Interest-Free Payment Plan)
  • Comprehensive Health College
  • Health Coach Academy
  • Coaching Professional Excellence Institute

What qualifications do I need to become a life coach?

There are no mandatory prerequisites for becoming a life coach. Life coaching is an unregulated industry and does not require a college degree, work experience or previous certification. Anyone who wants to become a life coach can do so.

How long does it take to obtain certification?

Obtaining certification may take a few days to a whole year. The longer the course, the more capable and confident you will be when working with clients.

How do we choose the best life coach certification

There are hundreds of life coach certifications to choose from. From online-only and mixed to fully face-to-face college courses, everyone has something for them. But to help aspiring life coaches narrow their options, we did the heavy lifting to create the best list.

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We first listed more than 30 life coach certifications and a series of categories, such as “fast”, “intensive” and “advanced”. Then, after reviewing the class schedule, applicable certifications, and real student reviews for each course, we reduced the list to what you see here.

A note on certification: An important thing to look for in any type of certification is third-party certification. The International Coach Federation has become the gold standard for professional certification of coaches, including life coaching.

However, the life coaching industry is not supervised by any regulatory agency, so don’t cancel certification programs that do not have ICF certification too soon. Conduct research to determine which life coach certification is best for your goals.

We chose an unaccredited life coach certification (Master Life Coaching Program of the College of Comprehensive Health) because we support their reasons for rejecting certification.