9 best bathtub trays in 2021

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After a long day, taking a bath is a pleasant and relaxing way to relax. In fact, studies have shown that bathing has greater physical and mental health benefits than showering.

Bathing is a good way to enjoy self-care, because they stimulate a variety of senses-including sight, smell, hearing and touch. Whether you add candles or the sound of meditation, soaking in the bathtub can help you get rid of daily chaos and focus on mindfulness. A warm bath can also relieve muscle soreness, and bath salts or essential oils can be used to further relax.

Some people choose to add a bathtub tray to their space because it provides an area for reading, enjoying a drink, lighting candles or placing other bathroom accessories. They are also a good gift for those who wish to increase their bathing time at home.

This is the best bathtub tray on the market.

Final verdict

The Rebrilliant Wood Bamboo Bathtub Tray (view on Wayfair) is affordable, adjustable, and can be used to organize everything you need to enjoy a good time of self-care. It is also made of bamboo to make it wear-resistant and shaped.

However, if you are not sure whether the bathtub tray is right for you, you can choose Mind Reader Bamboo Bathtub Tray (check Amazon) and try it risk-free. It is economical, compact and can hold essentials such as glasses, shower gel, and a book. Books and so on.

What to look for in a bathtub tray


There is a lot of water and steam around the bathtub during use, so it is important to evaluate the quality of the materials used so that it does not mold, rust, or start to emit odors over time. Look for stainless steel, acrylic, or missing bamboo to prevent rust or mold. Wipe dry the tray before storing to keep it in good condition.


If you only need one place for drinks and a book, a smaller bathtub will be your best choice. If you like to keep other care accessories, a tray with many compartments and a larger surface is a good choice. If style is a factor, try to find a pallet with a basic and versatile design. Bamboo usually has a natural spa feel, while acrylic and metal are best for modern bathrooms.


If bathing is a regular part of your daily self-care, it is wise to invest in a bath that perfectly suits your needs and style. It is best to invest in products that use high-quality materials to keep them in good condition over time. If you are not sure how often you want to use the pallet or what you need to keep on its surface, spend money to buy a pallet with custom options, such as a removable compartment.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to make a bathtub tray at home

    Whether you are on a budget or are testing your creativity, you can choose to make your own bathtub tray instead of buying a pre-made bathtub tray. To make a basic bathtub tray, you need wood, drill bits, sanding tools, and some screws. Since the pallet will be used around the water, you need to find water-friendly wood, such as bamboo, white oak, cedar or teak.

    First determine what you want to put on the pallet and make sure it is wide enough to hold your essentials. Next, measure the width of the bathtub (from left to right, as if you were sitting inside). Mark the length of the wood so that it is slightly longer than this measured value, and then cut it with a hand saw, table saw, or circular saw. Sand the edges to remove any roughness.

    After that, turn the board over so that the bottom is facing up and measure the width of the board (from top to bottom). Cut two more pieces of wood about 2×2 inches or 1×2 inches in diameter to make them the same width as the pallet. These will be used as bumpers to prevent it from slipping off the side of the bathtub.

    Make sure these bumpers extend beyond the width of the bathtub, and fasten them to the big plank with two screws. It is done by sanding any rough patches.

  • How long should the bathtub tray be?

    The length of the bathtub tray is important-if it does not extend from the right side to the left side of the bathtub, it will fall into the water below. However, many trays are retractable, which allows them to adapt to bathtubs of various widths.

    Most pallets we found extend from approximately 26.5 inches to 42 inches. However, if your bathtub size is above average, the tray can be as short as 24 inches and as long as 43.3 inches.

  • How wide should the bathtub tray be

    In terms of size, the width of the bathtub tray is not as important as the length, because as long as the tray can extend from the right to the left of the bathtub, it may achieve its purpose. However, if you plan to use the tray to hold multiple items, you should pay attention to the width.

    The width of the aforementioned tray ranges from 5.8 inches to 10 inches. Make sure you know what to put on the tray when you use it, and choose an option that can hold all items at the same time.

  • What can you put on the bathtub tray?

    When determining what can be placed on the bathtub tray, size and special features come into play. First look at the length and width of the tray to understand how much surface area you must use.

    Although some bathtub trays are of one-sided size, some bathtub trays have multiple levels. Others have unique features, such as grooves to prevent soap from falling off, cutouts in glasses, or metal bars for tablets or books. These additions may not be necessary, but they may be helpful depending on your needs.

  • How long can the bathtub tray last?

    The life of the bathtub tray depends to a large extent on the way the tray is manufactured and the materials that constitute the hardware and main body. If it is made of waterproof material (such as painted bamboo, acrylic or stainless steel), it will not wear out quickly when it gets wet.

    You can extend the life of the bathtub tray by applying outdoor stains or polyurethane to increase water resistance. It is also recommended to wipe it dry after use to avoid any mold or mildew on the wood, or rust on the exposed metal hardware.

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As a licensed mental health consultant, Mary K. Tatum has been serving children, adolescents, and adults who have difficulty managing stress effectively for more than 15 years. Bathing can be a very effective part of a good physical, mental, and emotional self-care program. As we adapt to life changes, it is important to equip ourselves with as many useful stress-reducing tools and options as possible.