9 best pillow sprays for relaxation in 2021

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If you have trouble falling asleep, your bedtime habits may be the culprit. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a consistent schedule and optimal sleeping environment are the natural way to get more and better sleep.

The smell that surrounds you during sleep can help create an optimal resting space—improving the overall quality of sleep. This kind of aromatherapy can calm people’s nerves and help them fall asleep more naturally. Sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo said: “Aromatherapy can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and slow our brain waves from the highly active’beta’ and’alpha’ waves to’theta’ ——The latter is the same pattern we show in meditation.”

Just because falling asleep is not natural for you does not mean that there is no scientific solution. You can try aromatherapy in your own home by spreading essential oils or using pillow spray to feel the positive effects.

Here are the best relaxing pillow sprays on the market to improve your sleeping habits.

Final verdict

With its hypoallergenic formula, the lavender sleep spray from Ayadara (Amazon view) is a good choice for any pillow in your home. It comes in an 8-ounce bottle, which means you don’t have to change it often.

If you are looking for a more compact and travel-friendly option, Living Libations’ Sweet Sleep Pillow Spray (see The Detox Market) is our first choice. It contains 100% natural ingredients and has powerful (and safe for skin) effects. fog.

What to look for in pillow spray to relax

Clean raw materials

The pillow spray you choose needs to contain ingredients you are sure of, because it is likely to come into contact with your hair, eyes, and skin. Make sure you understand any of your allergies or sensitivities and the ingredients that everyone should generally avoid (such as aluminum, parabens, and phthalates).


Aromatherapy is not a “all-purpose” method for improving sleep. Since some scents are designed to provide you with a specific sleep effect, you need to find a scent that suits you.

Sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo said: “Lavender is ideal. A clinical trial showed that after 15 days of inhalation before bedtime, anxiety was reduced by 19%. Similarly, orange oil is an effective anti-anxiety agent. Studies have shown that just 90 seconds of inhalation can reduce the arousal of the prefrontal cortex, reduce mental contemplation and help you shut down more easily. “

This is not to say that other odors do not work, but trials and sleep experts are quick to point out that lavender and orange are excellent sleep odors.


You will only use pillow spray once or twice a night, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. That being said, please pay attention to the size of the bottle you buy (and the price per ounce) so that you know how often you need to restock.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to make your own pillow spray

    Although buying pillow sprays may be a quick way to get better sleep, making them yourself is not that complicated. Generally, you need two ingredients, including essential oils and a carrier for diluting the oil. You will also need a small spray bottle (many people choose glass bottles to prevent leakage) to hold the spray.

    The choice of essential oil depends on what effect you want to get from the spray. In addition to promoting relaxation and sleep, lavender has also been found to relieve headaches. Another popular mint scent has a cooling effect and may help improve sleep quality. There are various essential oils on the market, each with different benefits. Find a product that meets your needs and make sure that its ingredient list contains 100% essential oils.

    In terms of carriers, water, vodka and witch hazel are common choices. Distilled water is pure and affordable, while concentrated alcohol (such as vodka) evaporates quickly-ideal if you spray the mixture on linen cloth. If you use water, witch hazel can act as an emulsifier to help water and oil combine.

    After preparing the ingredients, fill the bottle until it is almost full of your carrier. Then put a few drops of essential oil in the bottle. The intensity of the spray depends on you, but it is recommended to add only a few drops to the mixture at the beginning, and if you find that it is not enough to meet your needs, continue to add more.

  • How to use pillow spray

    The term “pillow spray” can be misleading because it can also be used for other linens such as bed sheets and towels. Shake your bottle to make sure the carrier and oil are fully combined, then spray a few shots on the surface you want.

    If you use the spray before going to bed, make sure to spray it on the pillow and/or bed sheet a few minutes before lying down-allow time for the spray to dry.

  • Is pillow spray safe?

    If made with natural, clean ingredients, pillow spray is generally safe. However, please be aware that the spray may come into contact with your skin and eyes, so please pay attention to the ingredients. Make sure that the spray is made with 100% essential oils (except for the carrier), as you may have an allergic reaction to added or unknown ingredients.

    Those with sensitive skin may also find the pillow spray very irritating. Some people have even reported cases of contact dermatitis after using products containing essential oils. The pillow spray will be diluted-to minimize the intensity of the oil-but if you have experienced a local allergic reaction in the past, a patch test may be helpful.

    If you are concerned about using essential oils, you should consult a doctor before adding essential oils to your daily life.

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9 best pillow sprays for relaxation in 2021
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