According to Feng Shui experts, the 8 best indoor fountains in 2021

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If you are looking for ways to increase relaxation at home, consider adding an indoor water dispenser to your space. The sound of dripping or falling water is a peaceful and tranquil sound that can help you relax. If you listen to the sound, especially during meditation, it can also help you release any tension or pressure you might insist on.

Traditionally, fountains have also been used for Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of arranging living spaces as a way to change the energy in the home. “Feng Shui likes fountains because it is a win-win-win therapy,” said Amanda Giddy Peters, a Feng Shui expert and founder of Simple Shui. “The fountain adds water (prosperity), movement (energy flow) and sound (qi, or vitality energy, enhancer) to the space.”

There are many high-quality drinking fountains on the market that can help you create a relaxing space at home, whether it is your bedroom, office, living room, or even your entrance. “It can change a person’s tone and feeling [home] Environment,” said architect and feng shui educator Zhao Anjie. “It can be relaxing, especially for people who are really comfortable with the sound. ”

According to Feng Shui experts, this is the best indoor fountain.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a desktop fountain that is both beautiful and can bring the relaxing sound of trickling water into your home, Homedics relaxing indoor desktop fountain is a good choice. It is relatively easy to maintain, reasonably priced, and does not take up much space, while still being a key decoration.

However, if you are looking for something bigger to turn the room into a soothing meditation or relaxation space, Alpine Corporation Mirror Waterfall Fountain is a high-quality choice, suitable for most spaces due to its narrow width.

What to look for in an indoor fountain


Space is not a luxury that every family has. If you choose a fountain that takes up a lot of space, it may actually become a source of stress rather than a source of relaxation.

“Feng Shui is mindfulness of space. It’s about paying attention to details in the environment and how those details affect us,” Cho said. “So you need to pay attention to what fits the space. If you put a symbolic thing in your home without paying attention to whether it fits the space, it will reflect the energy you will invite to your home and life.”


Although not everyone’s budget is the same, Cho recommends that if you decide to buy a reliable fountain, make sure it is durable and can be used for a long time without breaking or clogging.

“You have to make sure that the fountain is of high quality, the highest quality you can afford,” she said, “because if you think about it, if you use it for feng shui purposes, the quality reflects the kind of energy you are inviting .”

How easy is it to maintain:

Since the fountain involves water, if you do not clean and maintain the fountain regularly, the water may become contaminated, stagnant, or full of bacteria.

“Water dispensers require regular maintenance, so please be aware of this necessity before you take the water dispenser home,” Peters said. “Otherwise it will have an adverse effect on your life.”

Zhao agreed. “Water will evaporate, moldy or stagnant, especially when pipes are clogged with debris. You need to pay attention to it, just as you pay attention to how money, wealth, and opportunity enter your life,” she said.

Be sure to check the instructions that came with the fountain for proper cleaning, but most can be easily maintained by using distilled water and cleaning regularly with a small amount of bleach. But it’s definitely worth considering easy-to-separate fountains so you can clean every component.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where should the water dispenser be placed in the home?

    If you want to place a fountain in your home based on the principles of Feng Shui, it is best to place it near your door, with the water flowing towards your home.

    “The entrance to your home is where energy and opportunity flow in,” Cho said. “If you intentionally place a fountain near the front door to direct the water to your home, then you place it in an inviting’qi’ (life force energy), or positive energy and positive abundance of intentions.”

    Another good place is close to where you work, such as your office. This is because “the fountain represents a steady stream of money and prosperity in your life,” Peters said. “Flowing water brings career opportunities, such as finding a job, changing career, or being seen by your boss,” she continued, “Anytime you feel trapped, a fountain – especially a fountain of intent – —Inspire you to get a fresh start instead of living in a rut.”

  • Will indoor drinking water increase humidity?

    Yes, the indoor water dispenser can increase the humidity of the room, but the increased humidity depends on its size. Most small fountains do not add as much humidity-certainly not as much as actual humidifiers, so don’t use indoor fountains as a substitute for humidifiers.

    Nonetheless, watch out for signs of excessive moisture in any room with a water dispenser, including damp spots on the walls or ceiling, mold growth, condensation on windows, and peeling paint. You also need to make sure that your fountain is not too big for your room, especially if you live in a humid climate.

    Placing plants near the fountain can help reduce the increase in humidity. “I would encourage plants, such as orchids or flowers, because they appreciate the’weather’ of the fountain,” Peters said.

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