Adah Chung-Mind


  • Serving as an occupational therapist in school/special education
  • Write and research evidence-based clinical reports for the Rehabilitation Reference Center published by EBSCO
  • Worked in medical education at the University of Colorado Health Science Center

Education is very important to me; knowledge brings new insights, enlightened thoughts and new ideas.

— Ada Zhong


Adah is an occupational therapist who works for elementary school students with special needs in the field of pediatrics. Her work as an occupational therapist includes: family health, emergency care, chronic care, seating and positioning, outpatient rehabilitation, and skilled nursing rehabilitation.

Her graduate work in higher education allowed her to work in medical education at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, assessing the clinical competence of healthcare students. She is a freelance fact-checker, writer and researcher, writing in the fields of rehabilitation, health and education.


Adah received a Master of Education from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

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