Addressing the consequences of herpes stigma

Have you ever called glitter a craft herpes?

Do you ever laugh when a friend says “she might have herpes” to someone you don’t like?

If so, you have created the stigma associated with herpes infection.

The Effects of Herpes Stigma

The negative impact a positive herpes test can have on someone’s life can be huge.

The stigma associated with herpes can make newly diagnosed people feel like their life is over or that no one will love them anymore. They may blame their partner for ruining their future and may fall into a severe depression.

Why your herpes may not be your partner’s fault

Genital herpes, usually caused by HSV-2, is contagious. It causes genital damage and ulcers and is rarely associated with serious health problems, being more common in immunocompromised people. This can be fatal for newborns.

Oral herpes is usually caused by another infection, HSV-1, and is very common. While it’s not usually sexually transmitted (except sometimes during oral sex), the name often carries the same stigma as genital herpes.

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source of stigma

Negative images of herpes pervade pop culture and social discourse.In fact, in some cases the term herpes almost interchangeable dirty. This can be seen from the frequency with which the two words are linked. A Google search in spring 2015 found over 600,000 matches for terms that were very close to each other on one website.

An examination of how herpes is discussed in mainstream culture shows that the stigma of herpes has little to do with the actual disease.Definition of a user Herpes Society On the website Urban Dictionary it says it is

… shame on people who associate with unhygienic people. For example, your friend points out to you, gosh, the guy you’re with has herpes on his face! Then they think that if you’ve been hanging out around them, you’re going to get dirty or infected. Herpes is contagious, so you have to cut ties! You’ll be infamous for having a child with herpes. “

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There are many other pop culture examples, such as the lyrics of industrial revolution songs Immortalitywhich states, “My metaphor is as dirty as herpes, but harder to capture.”

social consequences

The stigma surrounding herpes can have significant personal and social consequences.

  • Herpes stigma is bad for an individual’s mental health as it is associated with increased stress, depression and other negative emotional consequences.
  • Herpes stigma is bad for your health because it can make it less likely to seek diagnosis and treatment.
  • The stigma of herpes is also bad for society. It may even increase the rate of transmission in the population. After all, concerns about stigma and rejection are the main reasons people don’t disclose herpes infections to their partners.

If you think you may have herpes, another sexually transmitted infection (STI), or another genital infection, it’s important to see your doctor. Most of these conditions can be treated, but they can get worse if left untreated. They can cause serious problems, such as decreased fertility or birth defects.

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Also, the causes of genital lesions vary, from skin conditions to infections to cancer. Each condition is treated with specific medications.

Remember, if you are not diagnosed and treated, you can spread an STI to your partner, which can have serious consequences. Of course, you didn’t get herpes on purpose. It’s best to get rid of the stigma as soon as possible and take care of your health.