ADHD and anger management

People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) usually experience stronger emotions than people without ADHD.You may have heard phrases such as “too sensitive for your own benefit” or “your face is too thin” in your life.

This is because ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the brain in a way that increases the likelihood of mood disorders.Weeping in movies and weddings, expressing happiness or passion can be loved by people. However, if anger is an emotion you often express, then people in your life may feel scared or annoyed and shrink back.

Other reasons for frequent anger include:

  • Suffering from ADHD can lead to more stressful situations.
  • Comorbid conditions such as anxiety and depression can make you more likely to feel grumpy, aggressive, impatient, and angry.

You may have noticed that sometimes it is good to express anger. For example, people will soon give you what you want. In addition, this seems to be a quick way to relieve stress. However, impulsive expression of anger is not a healthy way to meet your needs or reduce stress.

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Get out of trouble

If you feel your anger is rising, please forgive yourself and walk away. This is important to the long-term health of your relationship.Many times, people with ADHD will get angry, yell, etc. Then, after a few minutes, they felt much better and continued their day. Although it may take several hours for the person targeted by the anger to return to normal. Not everyone can recover quickly. If it happens frequently, a relationship may never recover.


Exercise is a great way to manage ADHD.It is also a useful tool for dealing with anger. If you exercise every day, your stress level will decrease and your tolerance for daily worries will increase. This means that you will feel angry less often. Exercise can also help dispel anger.When you feel angry, go for a walk and climb some stairs, and the anger will begin to fade.

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Express yourself

Learn to express yourself in words instead of anger. It is important to realize that anger is an emotional signal, it tries to tell us something we want or need, and what we don’t need. When you can clearly express your feelings and needs, it will help you feel heard and understood. It can also help others understand what makes you unhappy. When we were children, we were not always able to express ourselves in words, so we developed the habit of expressing ourselves in anger. Sometimes, outbursts of anger are just a habit, because you have not developed different coping skills.

Keep boundaries

After being angry with a person, ask yourself, “What makes me angry?” It may be that they have crossed their personal boundaries. People with ADHD sometimes find it difficult to maintain personal boundaries.However, if you can strengthen the boundaries instead of reacting when someone crosses, you will feel respected and less likely to be angry.

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Become an excellent planner

Suffering from ADHD is stressful. Every day, you feel overwhelmed, behind schedule and react to situations. If you are late and get stuck in a traffic jam, you may be angry with other drivers on the road. In contrast, when you plan your day, you can take into account unexpected events beyond your control.Then, when they happen, you will not feel stressed or angry; because you are confident that you will still arrive on time.