Al-Anon’s opening remarks emphasized improving family life

Al-Anon, a mutual aid group for friends and family, is a branch of the Anonymous Organization for Alcoholics. Similarly, it is a 12-step plan for people who drink heavily in their family or personal lives.The opening or welcome speech is usually read at the beginning of each meeting to welcome newcomers and remind other group participants why the group exists.

The newcomer is considered the most important person at the meeting. At most Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings, members read Chapter 5 of the seminal text, Anonymity, Also known as Big bookThe title of this chapter is “How does it work” and it includes the 12 steps of the procedure.

The initial welcome to Al-Anon emphasized the importance of friendship, support, understanding and confidentiality.

Al-Anon welcome

The following is the opening or welcome speech that the chairperson usually reads at most Al-Anon family group meetings. It describes to newcomers what they can get from the plan and attending the meeting.

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“We welcome you to join the Al-Anon family group and hope that you will find the help and friendship we are fortunate to enjoy in this fellowship.

“The people we live or have lived with alcohol problems may not understand. We have also felt lonely and depressed, but at Al-Anon, we have found that no situation is truly desperate. Whether you are still drinking, you can find satisfaction and even happiness.

“We urge you to try our plan. It has helped many of us find solutions that lead to calm. It depends largely on our own attitude, when we learn to look at our problems from a true perspective, we It is found that it has lost the ability to solve problems and dominate our thoughts and lives.

“When we apply Al-Anon’s ideas, family conditions will definitely improve. Without this spiritual help, living with alcoholics is too much for most of us. Our thinking becomes a result of trying to force a solution. Distorted, we become irritable and unreasonable without knowing it.

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“The Al-Anon project is based on the recommended twelve steps (adapted from the organization of nameless alcoholics), and we try to apply it to our lives little by little every day, along with our slogans and serene prayers. Between members The loving, helpful communication and daily reading of Al-Anon literature prepares us to receive priceless gifts of tranquility.

“Anonymity is an important principle of the Al-Anon project. Here, everything that is said in group meetings and members to members must be kept confidential. Only in this way can we freely speak our minds and hearts, because this is where we are Al-Anon’s way of helping each other.”

Preface to the Twelve Steps

Al-Anon defines itself as an independent group whose purpose is to help relatives and friends of people with alcohol problems. The following preamble of the twelve steps provides a general description:

“The Al-Anon family group is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength and hope to solve their common problems. We believe that alcoholism is a family disease and changing attitudes can help with recovery.

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“Al-Anon does not form alliances with any denomination, denomination, political entity, organization or institution; does not participate in any disputes; neither supports nor opposes any cause. Members do not need to pay dues. Al-Anon is self-sufficient through its voluntary contributions.

“Al-Anon has only one purpose to help families of alcoholics. We do this by practicing the twelve steps, welcoming and comforting the family of alcoholics, and giving understanding and encouragement to alcoholics.”

Al-Anon meetings can help family members reduce their feelings of loneliness, find a supportive community of people with similar experiences, and gain new skills to deal with family members’ alcohol abuse.