Alcoholics and divorce alternatives

Alcoholism can lead to more marriages and family breakdowns, which is more than we know. If you are considering a divorce because of your spouse’s alcohol problem, please wait a moment! There may be other options available.

If you’re just tired of being sick and tired and don’t know what to do-if everything you do to help alcoholics seems to only make things worse-and you have nothing to do, divorce seems like the only reasonable option .

I often receive emails from readers saying:

“I don’t know what to do! I can’t stand it anymore. I just want to stop! I want to leave him, but I really love him. Moreover, when he doesn’t drink, he is really a good person…”

Try Al-Anon

If the above statement summarizes your situation, you may benefit from the following advice: “Participate in an Al-Anon family group meeting.”

why? Because the people you will find in the Al-Anon conference room know how you feel, maybe few people can do it. They have been there too, but they found that whether alcoholics are still drinking, they can find satisfaction and even happiness. As stated in the opening speech, read at most Al-Anon family group meetings:

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“We urge you to try our plan. It has helped many of us find solutions that lead to calm. It depends largely on our own attitude, when we learn to look at our problems from a true perspective, we It is found that it has lost the ability to solve problems and dominate our thoughts and lives.

As we apply Al-Anon’s ideas, family conditions will definitely improve. Without such spiritual help, living with alcoholics would be too much for most of us. Our ideas become distorted by trying to forcefully resolve, and we become irritable and unreasonable without knowing it. “

Cause family problems

Putting the problem in a “real perspective” is how Al-Anon helped thousands of its members understand the cunning, puzzling and powerful disease of alcoholism, and how it affects every member of the family, as well as Al-Anon How to save many marriages.

There are thousands of stories about how spouses who think their marriage or life is hopeless have found “priceless gifts of tranquility” by using the tools Al-Anon gave them.

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After reading Al-Anon books, attending meetings and talking with others, many Al-Anon members discovered that alcoholics in the family are not the only cause of confusion. Many people find that their reactions, behaviors, and attitudes to the problem have become part of the problem without even realizing it.

Nothing to lose

When they changed their attitudes to this problem and their reactions to alcoholics, their lives, and sometimes even their marriages, changed dramatically.

Perhaps leaving the alcoholic and seeking a divorce is the best option in your particular situation. But before taking such drastic steps, please give Al-Anon a chance.

It is recommended that you attend at least six meetings before making up your mind with Al-Anon, because each meeting is different-even in the same room.

Besides, what are your losses? Al-Anon does not charge membership fees. As an old saying goes, “If you decide after six meetings that Al-Anon is not for you, we will be happy to refund your pain.”

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