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  • A personal trainer certified by the American Sports Commission.
  • Comprehensive nutrition and health coach certified by the Institute of Comprehensive Nutrition.
  • CrossFit coach and team sports coach.
  • As the company’s first dedicated health writer, he pioneered the creation of a health vertical field on the leading technology media platform CNET.


Amanda Capritto, ACE-CPT, INHC, CF-L1, is a health and fitness expert. After years of restrictive dieting, excessive exercise and eating disorders, her career is dedicated to exposing and eliminating the harmful effects of health and wellness Narrative. Fitness industry. She does this mainly by working as a freelance health and fitness writer on various platforms.

After she realized how extreme dieting and compulsive exercise affected her physical and mental health (ie her relationship with food and herself), she vowed to give up the diet mentality and start working, forgetting all the ridiculous food and fitness “rules sold in the industry” “people. Amanda is happy to say that she can now eat ice cream and skip exercise at any time-if not healthier, she is still healthy.

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Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Louisiana State University, as well as certifications in personal training, health coaching, and CrossFit training.

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