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  • Andrea worked at Dotdash from 2018 to 2021.
  • She received a bachelor of arts degree in public relations from Pennsylvania State University.
  • Her work has appeared in “Youth Fashion”, “Pop Sugar”, “Zoe Report”, “Women’s Wear Daily”, LOCALE, HelloGiggles, Mane Addicts and other magazines.


Among her many roles, Andrea focuses on the areas of beauty and lifestyle. In her previous roles in Zoe Report and teen vogue, she covered everything from celebrity interviews to red carpet events to product launches and reviews. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of products and retailers, Andrea was able to find the best prices for shoppers online. She lives in Los Angeles, California. When she is not editing and writing, you will find her enjoying sushi or pasta on the coast.


Andrea holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Pennsylvania State University.

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