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  • School psychologist who specializes in developmental disorders
  • Former Director of Special Education from Preschool to High School
  • National Special Education Advisor


Ann Logsdon is a former writer of VigorTip Mind. She is a school psychologist who specializes in helping parents and teachers support students with a series of educational and developmental disabilities. Ann has more than 18 years of experience in the field of special education. As a former dean of pre-school to high school special education and a school psychologist, Ann provided diagnostic assessments and assisted in the development of plans for individual students and the entire school. She served as a national special education and equity consultant and was responsible for investigating special education complaints. Currently, Ann is the Disability Services Administrator of Kentucky State University.

Ann’s experience includes:

  • Internship at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Human Development-Evaluation and plan development for children with severe, low-morbidity disabilities.
  • Mental Health Specialist Intern-Provides service coordination for adults with mental health problems in the criminal system.
  • School Psychologist-Provides assessment, consultation and development of personal education plans for students from pre-kindergarten to high school.
  • Special Education Director-Coordinating preschool and k-12 special education programs for students with disabilities.
  • State advisors-supervise the school district’s compliance with IDEA requirements, investigate parent complaints, assist in multidisciplinary academic reviews-evaluate regular and special education programs, and provide parents and schools with disability, multicultural education, gender equality, and other educational issues.
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Ann has a bachelor’s degree in English. She also received a master’s degree in school psychology and an education specialist degree from the University of Kentucky. She completed postgraduate courses in special education law, mediation, school management, and special education financial management. She is certified as a school psychologist and special education director.

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