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  • Registered Yoga Teacher in 2004
  • Ask Aunt Yoga, creator of the yoga advice column
  • Have received prenatal yoga and flow yoga training


Ann Pizer is a former writer of “VigorTip Mind”, covering yoga. She started practicing yoga in 2002 to relieve the stress of life after 9/11 in New York. Although she is not particularly flexible and does not like group exercise, she soon found that she was addicted and has been exercising since then.

In 2004, Ann became a registered yoga teacher after completing a 200-hour teacher training course at Atmananda Yoga in New York. She also received prenatal yoga training at YogaWorks. She has taught Vinyasa yoga and prenatal yoga courses, and has written articles on yoga for more than ten years.


Ann has a bachelor’s degree in art history and archeology from Tufts University, and a master’s degree in fine arts in studio art from the University of Texas at Austin, in addition to yoga training.

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