Are tomatoes rich in vitamin A?

Are tomatoes rich in vitamin A?

Tomato juice A three-quarter cup serving of tomato juice contains 42 mcg of vitamin A, or 5% of the DV. Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C and lycopene, which are antioxidants.

What kind of vitamins are in tomatoes?

Tomatoes and tomato products are rich sources of folate, vitamin C and potassium. Compared to phytonutrients, the most abundant in tomatoes are carotenoids. Lycopene is the most important carotenoid, followed by beta-carotene, gamma-carotene and phytoene as well as several minor carotenoids.

What foods are rich in vitamin A?

The best sources of vitamin A are:

  • Cod liver oil.
  • Eggs.
  • Fortified breakfast cereals.
  • Enriched skim milk.
  • Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits.
  • Other sources of beta-carotene such as broccoli, spinach, and most dark green leafy vegetables.

What are tomatoes rich in?

A serving of tomatoes provides a good source of vitamin A, C, K and potassium. Tomatoes are also a good source of fiber, containing two grams in each serving, or seven percent of the recommended daily amount.

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Why not eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes contain an alkaloid called solanine. Constant research shows that excessive consumption of tomatoes can lead to swelling and pain in the joints, because they contain an alkaloid called solanine. Solanine is responsible for the accumulation of calcium in the tissues and later leads to inflammation.

What kind of vitamins are in a tomato?

Vitamin A (642 IU), vitamin C (23.4 mg) and vitamin K (10.1 mcg) are some of the vitamins found in tomatoes.

What foods contain a lot of vitamin A?

Eating spinach can lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Like other leafy green vegetables, spinach contains a wealth of nutrients. Each half cup of boiled spinach provides 573 mcg of vitamin A, or 229% of the DV. This serving also provides 17% of the DV for iron and 20% of the DV for magnesium.

Are there any health benefits of eating tomatoes?

It is found in the highest concentrations in tomato products, such as ketchup, juice, paste and sauce. Eating tomatoes and tomato products has been linked to better skin health and a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. Heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes, is the most common cause of death worldwide. ). ). ). ).

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How many milligrams of vitamin C in tomato juice?

Crushed and canned tomatoes and tomato juice contain smaller amounts, contributing 9 and 18 milligrams of vitamin C to your daily intake, respectively.