Benefits and risks of apps like “Happy Couple”

It seems that there are apps for everything, but can couple apps like Happy Couple really improve your relationship? In other words, once you find that special person (now, usually through a dating app), is there an app that can help maintain this relationship in the long term?

Every relationship application is different, every couple is different, so there is no simple answer. Before registering, it is best to take a moment to consider any potential failures or risks and potential benefits.

Potential benefits

First, ask yourself why you should consider couple apps. Can apps provide opportunities to improve communication and enhance emotional intimacy, or are they just another “screen time” activity that will further limit the face-to-face time that many of us lack?

The couple app can improve your relationship in many ways. Apps with questions that you have been postponing or avoiding may stimulate you to have an in-depth conversation about some of these issues. Although technology can build distance between husband and wife, it can also help build intimacy.

Staying in touch with your partner through funny or sexy text messages throughout the day is a great way to express your love and you are considering them. Or, never having any in-depth, meaningful face-to-face conversations is unlikely to maintain the intimacy needed for long-term relationship survival.

Some apps help people check the daily challenges faced by couples and the difficulty of maintaining balance. An app can help you view your personal responsibilities in a relationship in a specific and clear way, and can even help you understand whether you are moving in the direction you want by looking at short-term and long-term goals.

One particularly positive benefit of following the tips and solving problems on these apps is that they may help you break some assumptions about others. We all make assumptions about what our partners like and value, but sometimes we are wrong. Mistakes can lead to many misunderstandings. However, many couples make choices based on these assumptions every day.

Another potential benefit of the app is that it has the potential to deepen the honesty, communication, and connection of your relationship-and solve any unspoken problems you might hide. For example, what if you are honest and let your partner know that you think they are not good at apologizing? If you are ready to solve this problem together, this can bring the two of you closer together.

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Pitfalls and risks

When you are considering adding more screen time throughout the day, it is important to determine whether the couple app has potential benefits for you. A national survey conducted by Common Sense Media in 2016 found that adults (parents) spend an average of 9 hours and 22 minutes in front of a screen every day (a screen refers to a smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV). This time it is not because of the need to use the screen at work, because the eight hours of screen time is considered “personal” and has nothing to do with work.

A related issue is that using the couples app may add another item to your to-do list.If you think of the app as have Do instead of think Do it, especially if this is something you only want to do, which may lead to a greater sense of distance or resentment. Those who deal with partners who don’t want to change are unlikely to find that the application can solve the problem.

The motivation behind buying a couples app may be the key to whether the app is useful or harmful. If your motivation for buying a couples app is to point out your partner’s mistakes, then it is unlikely to be beneficial, and in fact it may be harmful. If you want the app to somehow make your partner “open your eyes” to see what they are doing wrong, then finding a good relationship counselor may be a better choice.

These applications are not all-encompassing, and may not delve into the most important issues in your relationship. In this sense, if you have any serious problems, it is like putting a bandage on a wound that continues to bleed. On the surface, it may look better, but in reality, the situation may be getting worse.

If you do choose to purchase a couples app, please take a moment to consider the power of your words. Text can cause great emotional pain and is clearer when typing on the screen than when speaking in person.

Overall, taking a moment to think about your intentions before you get a couples app is a great way to weigh the pros and cons. If you hope this will be fun and enrich your relationship, it’s possible. If you see it as a way to fix serious relationship problems, think twice.


  • Prompt to discuss topics you may have been avoiding

  • Provide communication structure

  • Breaking the hypothesis

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  • Is it another round of screen time?

  • The expectation that the app will cause your partner to change may be wrong

  • Cannot replace serious problem relationship counseling

Couple app

There are many different applications designed to improve relationships. Some, such as Pathshare, can help you keep track of each other’s days when you are apart. Others, such as Honeydue, can help you manage financial issues. Others are concerned about specific relationship issues, from sex or fertility to how to make up for it after a fight. These are some designed to enhance your overall relationship.

Happy couple app

The Happy Couple app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices, and use a quiz-style game to learn more about your partner’s true thoughts. Every day you open the app on your phone, and your partner will do the same.

There are six themes that can generate your question:

  • gender
  • Duty
  • communicate
  • entertainment
  • Emotional
  • information

After setting up an account with your information, you will generate a link to send to your partner so they can do the same. After both parties are ready, you have to answer a few questions about yourself and your partner every day. Later, visit your feed to see if your answers match. You can earn points for correctly matched answers to unlock new levels.

Finding that the answer matches and does not match is the best part. Each partner gets only half of the answer, which allows you to sit together and review the rest. You will definitely encounter something you don’t know about your significant other. Even marriage therapists may be surprised!

However, just having the application is not enough. One of the most important parts you all must do is sit down and review your answers. This helps to create the necessary deep and meaningful conversations to establish connection and intimacy in your relationship.

The content of the question was written by the famous California psychologist Dr. Lonnie Barbach, who is the author of several best-selling books on sex and relationships. Dr. Barbach discussed her collaboration in developing this application. “I would love to see it help couples build better relationships,” Dr. Barbach said. “Like my book, my goal is to help more audiences who cannot afford treatment.”

She believes that this app is also useful for dating couples to “learn more about each other and better determine whether they are suitable” and married couples to “inspire new conversations”. She noticed that when couples are too shy to mention important topics such as sexual interests, the app encourages conversations. Dr. Barbach emphasized that her goal is to “help couples have conversations that keep their relationship alive and interesting.”

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Questions and hints are generated by searching for relationship topics on the Internet. Dr. Barbach “worked backwards” and asked questions from the content. This application solves couples in different relationship stages and is very beneficial for long-distance relationships.

Gottman Card Group

Another application called Gottman Card Decks may improve your relationship. The card deck launched by the Gottman Institute uses a research-based approach to deal with relationships and is modeled after the deck used in couples’ weekend seminars.

Gottman Card Decks has 14 decks and more than 1,000 cards, using open-ended questions to let you and your partner talk about a lot of topics you might have overlooked. But this is not all. These cards are unique in helping people name emotions and the level of emotions they feel.

They also aim to help people better express their needs in relationships and express sympathy for the other party. All in all, cards can help couples reconnect in our current overwhelming world in many ways.

A pair

The Couple app, formerly known as Pair, is another couple app, a bit like a Facebook messenger, but only designed for two people. However, unlike some apps designed to help couples record their daily activities, couples apps focus on helping people express their love for each other.

The application can be used on Android and Apple devices and is set in a timeline format. Functions range from sharing photos to Facetime to using thought bubbles to let your partner know what you think of them.

Very good sentence

Downloading couple apps may enrich your relationship, improve communication, and increase intimacy, but it’s not for everyone. Before downloading one of these apps, please honestly look at your motivations. If you want to “correct” your partner, a face-to-face counselor or therapist may be a better choice.

In other words, since there are so many applications that focus on finding the right person or specific problems, such as birth control or infertility, it is exciting to see applications that focus on maintaining these relationships in the long term.