Best Meditation Retreat

company Price Place Length (range) Experience level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, any, etc.)
Isalan Institute

Best overall
$900-$8,000, based on accommodation Big Sur, California Weekends, five days and seven days Elementary to advanced
Kadampa Meditation Center

Best budget
Seminars start at US$20; weekend retreats start at US$60 Glenspey, New York Provide one-day workshop and three-day retreat Elementary to advanced
Lingshi Meditation Center

Most flexible
Retreat $200-$2,450 (sliding scale) West Marin County, California One-day, one-week and one-month retreat Elementary to advanced
Shambhala Hills Center

Best for beginners
The retreat starts at US$100 and can be adjusted proportionally Red Feather Lake, Colorado Two-day, three-day and one-week retreat Elementary to advanced
Green Canyon Farm Zen Center

Best Intensive Class
Online courses start at $180 Muir Beach, California One to seven days course Elementary to advanced
Quiet Point Alaska

Best overall
Starting at USD 2,200 Alaska Flounder Bay Three, four, and five-day packages All levels
Vipassana Meditation

Best description
The retreat starts at $435 Barrie, Massachusetts One to three weeks long retreat Elementary to advanced

Guide to choosing the best meditation retreat

Is the meditation retreat worth it?

The benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation are many. It can help reduce stress, lower heart rate, improve sleep quality and immunity. Whether you want to start meditation practice or want more in-depth guidance, meditation retreat is a great way to reduce stress and recharge while learning techniques you can use in daily life.

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There is no need for a meditation retreat. Some people may find that visiting a local meditation center or watching meditation videos at home may be a sufficient way to practice meditation.However, if you want to get rid of a busy family, leave work for a while, or rejuvenate in a beautiful and inspiring place, then you may find that meditation retreat is a unique and unforgettable experience

Some meditation retreats offer luxurious facilities in gorgeous surroundings-hot spring baths, vegetarian or vegetarian dishes, guided hikes or eco-tours, yoga classes, spas and massages. Others offer more modest accommodations, but provide opportunities to connect with nature or the community of practitioners. Some also offer workshops led by experienced lecturers and teachers who can provide you with the guidance you need.

Comparative meditation retreat

Booking a meditation retreat is as complicated as booking your next vacation. Before deciding on a meditation retreat, the following points need to be considered.

  • Location: Many retreats are located in more remote areas (better provide the peace and tranquility you need), so you may need to travel by air. Think about whether you would like to travel far for a meditation retreat, or would rather stay closer to home.
  • Cost: The cost of the meditation retreat may vary depending on the type of accommodation or length of stay. Consider how much you are willing to spend, especially if you mainly spend your time on seminars or conferences.
  • Course type, lecturer: Study the procedures of the site to see if they are suitable for your needs and experience level.
  • Activities and scenery: Some meditation retreats provide activities other than meditation workshops or guidance, such as massages, hiking, or other outdoor activities. If you want to combine leisure with meditation, please consider a place that provides these additional services. If you want to get inspiration from the scenery, consider coastal or mountain destinations.
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Start your meditation journey

Once you decide to do a meditation retreat, please check the site’s website to book as early as possible. Most courses are filled out in advance and may require registration in advance. Please keep this in mind, especially if you wish to work with a specific lecturer or teacher. After booking, please do research on the website to confirm what you need to bring, and make arrangements with your workplace and family, because the reception of cells in some retreats is uneven. But most importantly, relax and enjoy your stay and try to eliminate distractions so that you can really practice mindfulness meditation.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the meditation retreat cost?

Depending on the type of accommodation or the length of the retreat, the cost of the project may range from US$100 to US$8,000.

What is meditation retreat?

The retreat is designed to be a place to learn, deepen and absorb meditation practice. They are usually led by lecturers who provide you with tools and practices for in-depth reflection. They are usually multi-day courses or seminars, although many websites offer a one-day retreat, allowing you to immerse yourself in practice without having to spend the night.

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What happens during the meditation retreat?

Most meditation retreats combine seminars and courses led by retreat leaders, meditation courses (some offer walking meditation), and of course rest and meals. Some retreats provide extracurricular activities, such as yoga classes, hiking or Tai Chi, and massage treatments.

Who should perform a meditation retreat?

Both beginners and advanced practitioners can participate in meditation retreats. Some may have combined courses, while others may offer specialized courses. If you find that you really need to break away from daily life to regain peace and vision, then a meditation retreat may be for you.

How do we choose the best meditation retreat

There are several meditation retreats across the country that provide various programs. In order to narrow the search, we collected information about costs, locations, duration of retreats, and types of seminars and programs offered. Based on our wounds, we chose seven retreats from this list. These meditation retreats have been well received by previous participants and returning customers. They are known for their diverse programs, highly respected and experienced tutors and teachers, and excellent location.