Best online pre-marital consultation

company price Application available platform Treatment provided
Couples Therapy Company

Best overall
$119 to $199 per hour for evaluation No video No
Growing self

Best for relationship coaching
Plan or private pre-marital counselor 65-160 USD; online course $265 No Video, face to face No

Best overall
From 60 to 150 USD per week Yes Live chat, messaging, and video No
Conversation space

Best for coaching
From 240 USD to 320 USD per month Yes Text, audio and video Yes
Grace Health Center

Best for Christians
USD 55 to USD 150 per session No Video, phone Yes
Electrotherapy cafe

Best for wedding countdown
USD 135-320 per month No Online chat, real-time video, electronic journals No
our relationship

Best overall
US$50 to US$150 per program No Video, self-guided program No

Guide to choosing the best online pre-marital counseling

What is an online premarital consultation?

Online pre-marital counseling is a form of treatment specially designed for engaged couples. It helps them build the tools needed for a healthy and lasting marriage. Traditionally, pre-marital consultations are conducted face-to-face, but with the rise of online treatment platforms, companies have begun to provide users with remote options and programs designed specifically for couples.

Is online premarital consultation right for you?

Whether you are talking to your spouse about marriage or are already engaged, pre-marital counseling can help you build the tools you need to build a healthy, lasting relationship. Some therapists say that a good rule of thumb is to start as soon as the ring is worn on the finger.

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Unlike traditional couples therapy, pre-marital counseling is designed to help you resolve problems before conflicts arise, or deal with them before years of resentment accumulate. If you doubt whether marriage is the right path, counseling can also help you explore these areas.

In addition, pre-marital counseling creates space for more difficult conversations, such as family dynamics with future in-laws, expectations for establishing a family, and even finances (for example, dealing with debts). Having a neutral third party trained in dealing with more sensitive topics can help couples eliminate anxiety about the unknown.

However, pre-marital consultation does require time commitment from each of you, so if you are not sure whether your schedule can accommodate-or if your partner doesn’t want to participate-it may not be for you.

Compare online pre-marital counseling

If you are considering online premarital counseling, you and your partner need to consider the following factors:

  • What is your budget?
  • How much time do you want to invest?
  • Do you want to talk to a licensed marriage and family therapist or relationship coach?
  • When talking to the therapist, which method would you like to use: video, phone, live chat, or messaging?
  • If you are a Christian and you want to talk to a therapist, will he include all aspects of Christianity in your curriculum?
  • Do you want to choose a company that offers subscription plans or charges per session?
  • Do you want to use a platform that can hold meetings when two partners are not in the same place?
  • Will the company buy insurance?
  • How easy is it to schedule an appointment with the therapist?
  • Is the therapist available only on working days or non-traditional time?
  • Do you want to choose your own therapist or let the company match it for you?
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Schedule your online pre-marital consultation meeting

When starting an online pre-marriage consultation, check out the free trial or consultation to help you better understand the experience of the company and therapist. In addition, please look up the therapist’s resume on the company website. You can quickly collect whether they have the specific qualifications you are looking for, whether they are a licensed therapist or a well-trained relationship coach.

Registration is usually quick and easy. Many companies will have a short online survey or assessment to help find the right therapist. You will usually be guided to choose a therapist—or will be matched to one—and you can continue to schedule time. Most companies will be very active in matching you with the therapists in their network, but some companies may require a few days of waiting time.

Please pay attention to the cancellation policy and end date to ensure that you only pay for the content you want to use.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the online premarital consultation cost?

The cost of online pre-marital consultation can range from a one-time cost of $50 for a self-service plan to more than $500 a month. Subscription platforms may be a more affordable option, and meetings in private clinics will be an investment.

Does the insurance cover online pre-marital consultations?

Most insurance companies do not cover pre-marital consultations (or couples treatment) because they usually only cover “medically necessary” services. This is why personal treatment (personal diagnosis of mental health conditions) is covered but pre-marital or couples treatment is not included.

However, some companies do offer it as a fringe benefit, so please consult your provider.

However, it is worth noting that although insurance companies may not cover pre-marital counseling, some states will incentivize it by reimbursing some or all of the cost of the marriage certificate.


In order to determine the best online therapy companies that provide pre-marital counseling, we first listed 37 online therapy companies and collected data on their products to narrow the list to companies that provide pre-marital counseling courses, counseling, or specializing in relationship issues Then, with the help of psychologists and user surveys, we evaluated each company and looked at factors such as cost, subscription or course selection, therapist’s expertise and training, ease of use, and communication methods. Determine which company is the best.