Best self-service subscription box

Price delivery plan Allow customization?
Best overall

Starting at $30.99 per box (+ $5.95 shipping) per month 4 (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months) No
The most environmentally friendly Earth love Starting at 59.95 USD (+ 4.95 USD shipping) quarterly 2 (quarterly or annual) No
Best for bathtub

Starting at $37.50 (+ $7.95 shipping) per month 4 (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months) No
Best for meditation

Chakra Box
Starting at $38 (free shipping) 9 months per month 1 No
Best for liquor lovers

First Leaf Wine Club
Starting at US$90 (the first order + US$4.95 shipping; subsequent orders + US$9.95 shipping) per month 3 (monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months) Yes
Best for self-care

Assembling fun
US$49.99 (free shipping in the United States) 4 times a year 2 (seasonal or annual) Yes
Best for skin care

Detox box detox market
Starting at $39.95 (free shipping) per month 3 (monthly, 3 months or 6 months) No
Most suitable as a gift for friends

Calm box
Starting at $25.49 (+ $4.99 shipping) per month 3 (monthly, 3 months, 6 months) No

Guide to choosing the best self-service subscription box

Is the self-service subscription box worth it?

If you find yourself spending time researching and purchasing products to meet your self-care needs, the subscription box can help you save time and money. Most subscription boxes contain full-size products from premium brands, providing you with premium products at discounted prices. They also provide a great way to try products and discover new brands that you might not know.

Most subscription boxes also provide a good cancellation policy and allow you to easily skip the box and even suspend or cancel the subscription. We recommend browsing the company’s website or checking past boxes before registering for a subscription. You can also view unboxing videos on YouTube or research hashtags on Instagram to check past subscription boxes to see what’s included.

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Generally speaking, the self-care subscription box is a fun and convenient way to treat yourself or other people in your life. In addition, surprises at your door are always welcome.

Compare self-service subscription boxes

When looking for a self-care box to subscribe, you need to consider the following points:

  • Pricing: Most subscription boxes cost between US$30 and US$80 per month, but the total value of the items in each box ranges from US$90 to US$150, which makes them a great way to try new products. Check the company’s website to see the brands and types of products they contain in the box, so you can determine whether a box offers you good value for money.
  • Schedule and frequency: Do you want a monthly box or something more seasonal? (For example, FabFitFun ships four boxes a year.) If you think you will not use new products every month, please choose a package that provides a quarterly or bi-monthly plan.
  • Customization options: The risk (and fun) of subscribing to boxes is related to the surprise element of each box. But some of the larger subscription boxes allow you to customize the delivery and choose which items to include. If you prefer to choose the tried and tested favorites, a subscription box like FabFitFun may be for you.
  • Freight: Regular delivery, freight may increase. Before registering for the subscription box, please check whether it includes shipping or additional costs.
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Self-service subscription box as part of your daily work

The self-care subscription box provides care products for your mind and body-everything from skin and body care to relaxation tools (such as meditation guides and music) to health-focused products (such as herbal tea and delicious snacks). The subscription box can help you integrate relaxation and calm into your daily life more easily. Because most subscription boxes mix their themes and projects every month, this is also a great way to find new products and brands to help you uncompress your journey.

The current subscription box also provides simple tools that allow you to manage your subscriptions so that you can focus on self-care at the right time. Check the company’s website to learn how to suspend the subscription or skip the box if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the self-service subscription box?

According to the theme, company or brand of the box, the subscription box comes with different types of products to help self-care. For example, TheraBox includes lifestyle products, such as skin care products or accessories, but also includes a monthly activity that promotes happiness. Subscription boxes, such as Bath Bevy and The Detox Box, are more focused on skin and body care, so expect to see lotion, scrub or mask when delivered. However, most subscription boxes will contain detailed information about the products contained, so you can read about the ingredients and benefits. You can also check their website to see more detailed information about the product.

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Is the self-service subscription box good for health?

Taking care of yourself is always good for your health, whether it’s eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep or staying hydrated. The self-care subscription box provides products that can help you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether they are skin care products, such as sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful sunlight, eye masks can help you get a more peaceful night sleep throughout the night , Or a meditation guide to help you with breathing exercises.

Of course, these products are not a substitute for consulting your doctor or health provider about certain issues, such as depression, anxiety, relationships or family problems.

What is the price of the self-service subscription box?

The cost of a self-service subscription box depends on the type and quality of the product, the frequency of delivery, and even the topic of the box. The price of subscription boxes is usually between US$30 and US$80 per month, and the total value of the products in each box ranges from US$90 to US$150.


There are dozens of self-care subscription boxes to choose from. In order to narrow the best self-service subscription box to eight options, we considered several factors, including cost, content diversity of the box, and product quality/value compared to subscription costs, subscription options, customization, and cancellation policies.

Subscription boxes also need to be reasonably priced, excellent value for money, and provide a wide range of products to help individuals perform self-care. We also researched comments on the subscription box on the company’s website and other third-party websites, including videos.