Bipolar mania test

Do you suspect that you have had bipolar disorder? Do you think you may be manic now? Use the list below to see how many symptoms of mania you have, and check your score at the end.

The test is written just like the symptoms you are currently experiencing. If you are worried about symptoms that you have experienced in the past, please consider at least a week. For most of the day, certain symptoms in each group are present every day.

Please note that this is not an official diagnostic test. The results are intended to be used when discussing your mental state with your doctor.

Bipolar mania self-test

Count the number of questions in each group where your answer is “yes”.

First group

  • Has your energy and/or activity increased abnormally?
  • Even if there is nothing in life to explain, do you feel unusually happy? Happiness may start with something special, but happiness lasts longer than usual.
  • Are your emotions abnormally swollen?
  • Are you unusually irritable for no reason?
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Group 2

These symptoms should represent a significant difference from your normal behavior or experience.

  • Is your self-esteem higher than normal, or are you experiencing arrogance?
  • Do you feel rested after only a few hours of sleep?
  • Do you talk more than usual, or do you often feel that you have to keep talking?
  • Do you have a quick idea, or you speak very fast, jumping from one topic to another (thoughts are flying)?
  • Are you easily distracted?
  • Are you extremely upset, or are you involved in the project on an impulse (such as painting your garage at 2 in the morning, or suddenly inviting 20 people to dinner that night)?
  • Are you risking stupidity with little or no consideration of the consequences?

Group 3

  • Did your actions bring serious difficulties to your life (for example, serious problems in interpersonal relationships or work or school)?
  • Do you have hallucinations or delusions?
  • Did you have to be hospitalized because of symptoms to prevent you from harming yourself or others?
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Self-test score for mania

Note: After scoring the results, you must read the following information about other important factors.

Group 1:

1 yes = 0 points

2+ Yes = 1 point

Group 2:

1-2 yes = 0 points

3+ Yes = 1 point

Group 3:

1+ Yes = 1 point

Mania self-test results

Generally speaking, it takes 3 points to diagnose a manic episode. However, the presence of multiple symptoms in any one group indicates that you need a mental health assessment. Your doctor may still conclude that you have bipolar disorder.

Other possibilities:

  • You may be experiencing hypomania instead of mania.
  • You may have a mixed plot.
  • You may have another medical condition, such as schizophrenia or transient psychosis.

Other important factors

You must also consider the following elements:

  • Did your symptoms start with the use of illegal drugs? If it is, the diagnosis of mania cannot be confirmed, but you should seek treatment immediately.
  • Did your symptoms start after using prescription drugs or other medications?If yes, does it exist Bipolar Mania must be evaluated by a doctor, but again, you should seek treatment immediately.
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In summary

The psychiatric symptoms listed above are always worrying and may indicate a manic episode. If you are bothered by any of them, it is recommended to seek medical help.

Remember, this test is not a diagnostic tool. Only a healthcare provider can diagnose mania.