COVID by the numbers: April 5, 2022

States are changing how often they report data on COVID-19 cases and deaths as of June 2021. For example, some states report only once a week, or don’t update dashboards on weekends. The numbers included in the charts and

Childhood trauma may influence COVID vaccine hesitancy

key takeaways Vaccine hesitancy was 3 times higher among those who experienced 4 or more types of trauma in childhood. Higher levels of childhood trauma were associated with lower trust in COVID-19 information and a lack of support for

Do you need a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?

key takeaways The COVID-19 vaccine remains effective against severe illness, hospitalization, and death. For people with weakened immune systems, it is recommended to get a booster dose after the three main doses. There is insufficient evidence that no immunocompromised

Public Health Officials End COVID Contact Tracing

key takeaways CDC no longer generally recommends contact tracing to include COVID-19. State and local health departments are scaling back contact tracing for COVID-19 cases, a practice that was important early in the pandemic. While contact tracing will still

Not everyone wants to be tested for COVID-19.that’s why

key takeaways Some people may be reluctant to get tested for COVID-19 for fear of missing work or being quarantined. Testing hesitancy could increase the risk of transmission as states begin to lift mask regulations. Advocates say workers should

Op-Ed: Lifting mask orders endangers vulnerable people like me

key takeaways California is one of several states that will end some mask regulations in indoor settings. Lifting the mask requirement could harm at-risk groups. Subvariants of Omicron are thought to be highly contagious, even in vaccinated populations. Julia

How to get a COVID test at home the right way

key takeaways When swabbing the nose for a quick home COVID-19 test, a sample must be collected from the cells in the nasal wall. Obtaining good samples is necessary to obtain accurate test results. Performing a test incorrectly can