10 things to stop doing if you have arthritis

Living with chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms of arthritis can be tough. Even if you work with a great healthcare provider and develop a tailored, effective treatment plan, it’s sometimes easy to get off track and develop bad

How osteophytes (bone spurs) develop

Osteophytes are smooth bone growths or deposits, also called bone spurs. They grow slowly over time and usually have no symptoms. If the osteophyte hits other structures or grows so large that it restricts the movement of the joint,

How to Diagnose Psoriatic Arthritis

To diagnose psoriatic arthritis (PsA), a healthcare provider will take your medical history and examine you for signs of the condition. These may include joint swelling and tenderness, as well as red, scaly patches of skin. They also ordered

Overview of Inflammatory Polyarthritis

polyarthritis is also called multi-joint Arthritis or inflammatory polyarthritis. It is defined as arthritis or joint pain affecting five or more joints at the same time. This term describes the number of joints involved: poly means a lot. Polyarthritis

What is ankylosing spondylitis?

ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a type of arthritis in which chronic inflammation primarily affects the back and neck (spine). In severe cases, the bones in the spine may fuse or stick together (also called ankylosis). These adhesions cause stiffness

Arthritis causes morning stiffness

Stiffness the first time you wake up in the morning is a common problem associated with arthritis. Morning stiffness can cause pain all over your body when you wake up. When you take your first steps, your joints and

Symptoms and Significance of Heberden’s Node

Hebden’s lymph nodes are bony swellings of the joints closest to the fingertips, just below the nails.it is also called distal interphalangeal joint (dip). Heberden’s lymph nodes are not always painful. Whether or not they are injured depends on

Pork and gout: what to eat and what to avoid

Increased consumption of pork, other types of red meat, and organ meats (including liver, sweetbread, tongue, and kidneys) increases the risk of gout recurrence. Although it’s a red meat, pork is often referred to as “the other white meat”

Joint Protection Recommendations for People with Arthritis

Joint protection can reduce pressure on arthritic joints and reduce pain. There are several joint protection principles that can help conserve energy and maintain joint function. The advice is simple, but you must pay attention to proper movements and

How is facet joint disease treated?

The facet joints are located between the vertebrae of each segment of the spine. Osteoarthritis can develop in these joints and may be called facet joint disease or facet osteoarthritis. Learn about this condition and possible recommended treatments. Anatomy

Why is my collarbone popping out?

The feeling of a burst collarbone is fairly common. You may feel it when you reach certain directions or move your arms and shoulders. You may hear a “pop” or “click”. Often, a popped collarbone is a sign of

healthy foods high in boron

Boron is a trace mineral that occurs naturally in many plant foods, such as fruits and beans. It may benefit reproduction and development, brain function, and immunity. It may also have anti-inflammatory properties. Trace minerals are minerals that your

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their ability to reduce inflammation, and those with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may consider including them in their management plan for this (and other reasons). Increasing your omega-3 intake may help relieve pain and

Psoriatic Arthritis and Flu

Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes joint inflammation. Psoriatic arthritis occurs with a skin condition called psoriasis, which causes itchy red patches on the skin. About one-third of people with psoriasis will develop psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic