11 Reasons Your Legs Are Shaking

When one or both of your legs are shaking, it’s often called a tremor. This is an involuntary muscle contraction, which means you cannot control your leg movements. Leg tremors can occur for many reasons and are not always

4 types of memory: sensory, short-term, work and long-term

People have several different types of memory, including sensory memory, short-term memory, working memory, and long-term memory. Here’s how they differ and how they can be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. sensory memory Sensory memories are very brief (about three

Overview of Multiple Sclerosis Headaches

Some studies show that people with multiple sclerosis (MS) are more likely to develop migraines and other headache disorders, such as tension or cluster headaches, than the general population. One study found that 78% of newly diagnosed MS participants

Benign and serious causes of post-pregnancy headaches

After the mental and physical exhaustion of having a baby, the last thing you need is a headache. But postpartum headaches are a common complaint. Hormonal changes, dehydration, anesthesia, and irregular sleep patterns can all cause your baby to

Impact and treatment of frontal lobe head trauma

Trauma or damage to the frontal lobe of the brain can lead to a wide range of problems and personality changes. This is because the frontal lobes are responsible for shaping social behavior and personal characteristics. It controls things

Effects of occipital lobe stroke

Occipital lobe strokes occur in the back of the brain. This part of our brain helps us recognize what we see. Thet means stroke occipital bone The leaves can cause vision changes. Occipital lobe strokes are uncommon. Stroke rates

What is a coma?

A coma is when someone is in a coma for an extended period of time. Their eyes are closed, and they do not respond to sounds or other things in their environment. They cannot be awakened even by severe

Nine ways to get rid of headaches

A headache is a painful feeling that can be felt anywhere on the face or head. Headaches vary in intensity from mild to severe, and you may experience several different types of headaches. Read on to learn more about

Causes of headaches in the afternoon

We all experience headaches. A dull ache can make it hard to accomplish anything. But what is a headache and what causes it? A headache is pain or discomfort in any area of ​​the head. The headache may occur

right side headache

Headaches are common and almost everyone will be affected at some point in their life. Still, figuring out your headaches can be tricky. There are many types of headaches, which vary in how they feel and where they are

What is a hypnotic headache?

Also known as “alarm clock headaches,” hypnotic headaches are a rare disorder in which the headache occurs only while you are sleeping. Episodes of this condition vary in intensity, disrupt sleep, last up to four hours after waking, and

Overview of Duss Syndrome

Doose syndrome is a rare form of epilepsy that begins in early childhood. This condition is also known as myoclonic atonic epilepsy and myoclonic atonic epilepsy. Doose syndrome is considered a generalized epilepsy. Seizures in Doose syndrome can be

Nausea caused by migraines

Between 20% and 50% of migraine sufferers also experience nausea and vomiting during some or all of their attacks. Adults often experience nausea and more severe migraines. For many adults with migraines, nausea is one of the most distressing

What is a spinal headache?

Spinal headache is head discomfort caused by a leak of cerebrospinal fluid cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Cerebrospinal fluid protects the brain and spinal cord and helps eliminate waste. If the cerebrospinal fluid gets

What is Small Vessel Stroke?

A small vessel stroke occurs when a small artery that branches from a large artery in the brain becomes blocked or leaks. This deprives the brain of oxygen and nutrients, which kills brain cells. Because small-vessel strokes occur in