The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in Communities of Color

The ways to deal with depression and fear from loneliness and anxiety may seem obvious — therapy, medication, meditation, and yoga — but healthy practices aren’t always available. They can sometimes carry a negative stigma. This is the case

Why do people slander me as a life coach

What is your subconscious reaction when you hear that I am a “life coach”? Do you have any views on my specific work? Do you have any doubts about me and my profession? Generally speaking, do you have any

What is digital detox?

Digital detox refers to a period of time when a person does not use technology devices such as smartphones, TVs, computers, tablets, and social media sites. “Detox” from a digital device is often seen as a way to focus

What is positive toxicity?

Toxic positivity is a belief that no matter how terrible or difficult the situation is, people should maintain a positive attitude. This is a lifestyle of “only good resonance”. Although optimists and positive thinking are good, harmful positivity tends

What is gratitude?

What is gratitude? Gratitude is a positive emotion, including gratitude and appreciation, and is associated with multiple physical and mental health benefits. When you experience gratitude, you are grateful for something or someone in your life and respond with

Flow psychology

If you have ever been completely immersed in something, then you may be experiencing a mental state called by psychologists flow. Reaching this state can help people feel greater fun, vitality and participation. Imagine you are participating in a

What is fat acceptance?

To accept fat is to recognize that bodies of all shapes and sizes, especially larger bodies, are inherently valuable. Advocates of this campaign are committed to improving the quality of life of obese people and combating discrimination against them

What is compassion?

What is compassion? Compassion includes feeling the pain of another person and hoping to take steps to help alleviate their pain. The word sympathy itself comes from Latin and means “to suffer together”. It is related to other emotions,

What is anger?

Anger is the strong emotion you feel when something goes wrong or someone wrongs you. Its typical characteristics are stress, frustration, and irritation. Everyone feels angry from time to time. This is a completely normal response to a frustrating

What are the signs of a midlife crisis?

People with a midlife crisis are thought to be fighting their own mortality rate, and at some point in middle age, they give up some of their responsibilities and switch to having fun. This is why the term “midlife

How to stop your self-hate

Self-hate feels like someone following you all day, criticizing you, pointing out every shortcoming, or humiliating you for every mistake. Feeling bad. Typical self-hatred thoughts may include: “I knew you would fail.” “Why do you still try?” “You are

5 things you can do to achieve flow

Flow is often described as a state of mind, in which people can be fully immersed and participate in an activity. In this state, things seem to happen almost effortlessly, and time seems to disappear. Athletes often refer to

Use positive psychology for stress management

Positive psychology is a relatively new and increasingly popular branch of psychology. Its focus is not on pathology, but on factors that contribute to human happiness and emotional health. It focuses on the strengths, virtues, and factors that help

5 incredible facts about optimists

Optimism is not turning a blind eye to bad things. That is denial. Optimism defines how we interpret and think about ourselves and the world around us. its about: Know how much control you have in a certain situation