How to help when an alcoholic or addict dies

When a drug addict dies, it can be difficult to shut down that person’s grief process. It brings intense guilt, hurt, anger, and regret, because the loved one tries hard to accept “what could have been done” to prevent

How to talk to children about parental addiction

Children living in homes where their parents abuse drugs may find life difficult, unpredictable, and confused. Sometimes they even think that alcohol or drugs is their fault. Dealing with this chaos and unpredictability can make children feel insecure and

What is an inspirational interview?

What is an inspirational interview? Motivational interviews are a counseling method designed to help people find motivation to make positive behavior changes. This customer-centric approach is particularly effective for people who have a complicated feeling about changing their behavior.

Mindfulness therapy as an addiction therapy

Mindfulness is a state of mental awareness and concentration traditionally used for meditation practice. It has recently become popular as an element of certain types of cognitive behavioral therapy, such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and

How couples counseling can help solve addiction problems

Couple consultation is a treatment method in which both parties participate in the consultation with the same counselor at the same time. The purpose of couples counseling is to solve problems in the relationship, which may sometimes include addiction

Overview of Anonymous Alcoholics

Anonymous Alcoholics is an international group of people with alcohol problems. It is non-professional, self-sufficient, multi-ethnic, non-political, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements. Anyone who wants to solve the drinking problem can join the

Definition of abstinence in addiction treatment

Abstinence is a term used in the field of addiction to describe the process of abstaining (meaning avoiding or not participating in) certain potentially addictive substances or behaviors. If a person does not engage in addictive behavior at all,

What is it like hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness and is sometimes used to hypnotize people with addiction. Although hypnotherapy is usually not the first-line treatment for addicts, many people have successfully used it to quit smoking without any other interventions.

Attend your first 12-step meeting

What do you expect when you participate in the 12-step or alcohol abstinence meeting? If you have never participated, you may have fears and reservations. Usually, your only exposure is through what you see in a movie or TV

The risks of exiting cold Turkey

If the drug you want to stop is alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids, then suddenly stopping the substance or “cold turkey” poses a very big risk. It is also undesirable if you have used any drugs in large amounts and/or

Transcendence is to get rid of other people’s addiction

For friends and family members of alcohol or drug addicts, detachment can be a difficult concept to understand. In the context of the Al-Anon project, “separation from love” refers to the issue of family members having to give up

Avoid drug addiction to maintain abstinence

People recovering from alcohol or substance use disorders may sometimes substitute one addiction for another. This may sometimes involve being forced to participate in other activities. Activities such as work or exercise can be healthy and productive, but if

How to stay awake: 13 recovery tips

If you are recovering from a substance use disorder, you already know how much effort will be required to reach your goal, and you will want to do everything possible to avoid relapse. It seems that a relapse is

The 12 steps of a recovery plan

The Twelve-Step Method, initiated by the Association of Anonymous Alcoholics (AA), is the spiritual foundation for individuals to recover from the effects of alcoholism, both for drinkers and their friends and family members in the Al-Anon family group. These