How cigarette butts pollute the environment

Thousands of smokers did not hesitate to leave a trail of cigarette litter behind them. According to Keep America Beautiful (KAB), Americans smoke fewer cigarettes than ever before, but cigarette butts remain the most common litter in the U.S.

Will I miss smoking forever?

Once a person decides to quit smoking, cravings for cigarettes are often one of the first and most persistent symptoms of quitting. These cravings are usually strong at first, but usually start to diminish as a person goes off

Why you should stay away from thirdhand smoke

Third-hand smoke (THS) was originally a term coined by doctors at Massachusetts Children’s General Hospital. Aiming to describe the hazards of particular relevance to residual toxins left on surfaces once first-hand and second-hand smoke has been cleared from a

Strategies to avoid smoking again after quitting

For those who are struggling to overcome nicotine addiction, relapse of smoking is a terrible possibility. It feels like it might happen when you least expect it. But relapse never happens suddenly, although people usually think it will happen.

Why are you afraid to quit smoking?

You may be afraid of quitting for many reasons, such as fear of becoming more stressful, fear of weight gain, fear of the uncomfortable symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, or even just fear of the unknown. Addiction also plays an

What you need to know about using THC oil

As more and more states legalize marijuana and cannabis plants, people—especially young people and teenagers—began to wonder what products they can get. In addition, many people are experimenting with these products, usually in the form of THC oil and

How long can nicotine withdrawal last?

One of the biggest fears of people who want to quit smoking is experiencing nicotine withdrawal. The withdrawal process can be unpleasant, and people often experience symptoms such as irritability, cravings, and weight gain. However, with the right tools,

How Zaiban helps to quit smoking

Zyban is the brand name of the generic drug bupropion hydrochloride. This is a nicotine-free smoking cessation aid. Zyban was originally marketed as an antidepressant under the brand name Wellbutrin. Obviously, bupropion is an effective smoking cessation aid because

Types of snuff and health risks

Snuff is a type of smokeless tobacco designed to be inhaled through the nose or chewed or put in the mouth to produce saliva. Snuff has a “dry” form (for smoking) and a “wet” or “wet” form (chewing or

Waterpipe smoking and its risks

Waterpipe smoking is often mistaken as a healthier alternative to smoking, mainly because of its sweet smell and taste, and people usually only smoke waterpipe occasionally. But there are no healthy smoking options. Hookah is not healthier than cigarettes,

Shisha bars, air quality and your health

Hookah bars are commercial places where people gather to smoke flavored tobacco from water pipes. Other names for hookah bars include hookah lounge, hookah cafe, hookah hall, and hookah bar. The traditional hookah lounge that originated in India and

What is a cigarette?

What is a cigarette? Cigarettes are cylindrical shredded tobacco or ground tobacco wrapped in paper or other non-tobacco materials. Smoking a cigarette, the cigarette butt is lit, and the smoke is inhaled. Many finished cigarettes also have filters at

TSNA in cigarettes and cigarette smoke: what are they?

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) are considered to be some of the most effective carcinogens in tobacco products. They are unique to tobacco and are found in smokeless tobacco, snuff, cigarettes and e-cigarette liquids. However, most of the damage comes from