Amwell Review

Founded by Ido and Roy Schoenberg in 2006, Amwell is a telemedicine service based out of Boston, MA, that connects you with doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists quickly and efficiently, without the need to leave your home. Its goal is

What is an online psychiatrist?

What is an online psychiatrist? Online psychiatrists are no different from general psychiatrists. This is a doctor (Doctor of Medicine or DO) who works in psychiatry, a medical field related to the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional and

What diseases are treated by online therapy?

Online treatment sites such as Talkspace and Betterhelp help make online treatment more visible and approachable. This ability to obtain mental health services from the home is attractive-a major advantage of this medium is that it helps to make

What is the effect of treatment?

Most people know that treatment can help treat mental health problems, life stress, and various diagnoses. Treatment is a special treatment, different from “venting” or talking with friends or family. For some people, therapy is used in combination with

Pros and cons of online couple therapy

In the past decade, virtual medical services have become more and more common. Even within the confines of our home, we can have one-on-one conversations with doctors, dermatologists and therapists. Although most telemedicine services focus on personal care, online

Talkspace and BetterHelp

Conversation space good helper Service availability Mobile and desktop Mobile and desktop Service type Treatment and Psychiatry treat age 13 years old and above 18 years old and above Starting point $65 per week USD 60 per week To

Our relationship review

Our relationship is different from any other online therapy company we have reviewed. Instead of providing users with the ability to book regular treatment courses with therapists, it provides a series of online courses that you can take your

Online treatment of eating disorders

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many changes in our lifestyle in 2020. In the field of outpatient mental health, one of the most sudden changes is the sudden change in treatment, including the treatment of patients with eating disorders.

Depression online treatment

It is estimated that in 2017, 17.3 million adults in the United States experienced at least one major depression. This is equivalent to 7.1% of all adults in the country, which makes major depression one of the most common

Online treatment of anxiety

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable alternative to treatment, then online anxiety treatment may be an option for you. You may be interested in online treatment for many reasons, from not being able to get traditional

Online addiction counseling

Substance and behavior addiction can have physical, emotional, social, and economic effects on a person’s life. Fortunately, effective treatments are available-including online options. For people who are dealing with addiction, online therapy may be a viable option. The study

Online treatment safety, ethics and legal issues

Online therapy, also known as remote therapy, virtual therapy, or Internet/online consultation, is rapidly expanding. Since online therapy involves the patient and therapist communicating through a computer or mobile device, rather than through face-to-face interaction, you will not worry

What is comprehensive treatment?

What is comprehensive treatment? Comprehensive treatment is a treatment method that involves selecting techniques from different treatment directions that are most suitable for a client’s specific problem. By tailoring treatments to individuals, integrative therapists hope to produce the most

If there is no insurance, how much does the psychiatrist cost?

If you are experiencing major life changes or any number of mental health problems, such as symptoms of anxiety or depression, you should consider seeing a psychiatrist. This well-trained doctor can provide mental health diagnosis, intervention, treatment, medication management