Amwell Review

Founded by Ido and Roy Schoenberg in 2006, Amwell is a telemedicine service based out of Boston, MA, that connects you with doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists quickly and efficiently, without the need to leave your home. Its goal is

What is yoga therapy?

What is yoga therapy? “Yoga therapy is a therapy that focuses on integrating the mind and body to enhance mental health,” said Sabrina Romanoff, PhD, a professor and clinical psychologist in New York City. This form of therapy utilizes

What is wilderness therapy?

What is wilderness therapy? Wilderness therapy is a form of experiential therapy that combines outdoor experiences and therapy sessions. “Wilderness therapy can provide an environment of encouragement and understanding for self-discovery. The idea is to learn how to live

Mental health professionals who provide psychotherapy

When you hear the word Psychotherapist, You might immediately think of a psychologist. However, there are actually many different people who can provide psychotherapy services to clients suffering from mental illness and psychological distress. Although each of these majors

What is theft?

Theft is a disease characterized by an irresistible impulse to steal. People will steal things that they don’t need, that they can afford, or that have little monetary value. People who are burglars get nervous about theft.of Theft usually

What mental health occupational therapists can expect

Many people associate occupational therapy with paediatric services or physical rehabilitation. They were surprised to find that occupational therapists also work in mental health institutions. If you or someone you love is undergoing mental health OT, understanding their role

What to do if your teen refuses counseling

Some teenagers are happy to receive treatment. They like to talk to objective adults and they can help solve some of their problems. But not all teenagers receive treatment, and persuading unwilling teenagers to receive counseling can feel like

Unconditional Positive Evaluation in Psychology

Unconditional positive attention is a term used by the humanist psychologist Carl Rogers to describe the techniques used in his non-directed, customer-centric therapy. According to Rogers, unconditional positive attention includes showing full support and acceptance of a person, no

Recovery model

The rehabilitation model is a holistic, people-oriented approach to mental health care. This model has developed rapidly in the past decade and is becoming the standard model for mental health care.It is based on two simple premises: Recovery from

What is structured family therapy?

What is structured family therapy? Structured Family Therapy (SFT) is a family therapy that focuses on the structure of the family unit and improves the interaction between family members. This treatment was originally developed by Salvador Minuchin and has

What is somatic therapy?

What is somatic therapy? Also known as somatic experience and somatic experience therapy, somatic therapy integrates mind, body, and spirit into therapeutic treatment work. Somatic therapy aims to treat the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental and

What is somatic cell experience therapy?

What is somatic cell experience therapy? Physical experience therapy is an alternative therapy designed to help people recover from trauma. This therapy was created by Dr. Peter Levine and its principle is that trauma is trapped in the body,

What is the short-term treatment of focused solutions?

What is the short-term treatment of focused solutions? Solution-centered brief treatment (SFBT) is an intensity-based psychotherapy method that is based on solution construction rather than problem solving. Unlike other forms of psychotherapy that focus on current problems and past

What is a psychodrama?

What is a psychodrama? Psychodrama is an experiential, action-based therapy in which people explore problems by performing past events. This type of therapy combines aspects such as role-playing, dramatic self-expression, and group dynamics to help people better understand and

What is psychoanalytic therapy?

What is psychoanalytic therapy? Psychoanalysis is a kind of talk therapy based on Freud’s psychoanalysis theory. This method explores how the subconscious mind affects your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Specifically, it examines how your experiences (usually from childhood) affect