What Is Accelerated Resolution Therapy?

Accelerated Treatment Therapy (ART) is a form of treatment developed by a licensed marriage and family therapist, Laney Rosenzweig of LMFT. This innovative treatment method is influenced by many existing evidence-based treatments and technologies, including: As described by the

The Importance of Knowing Your PTSD Emotions

If you have PTSD, you may experience very intense feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt or shame, to name a few.When you’re feeling several of these PTSD emotions in quick succession, it’s hard to know how you’re feeling at

Why am I always angry?

Anger is an emotion that many people suppress because they don’t want to express it, or they don’t know how to express it healthily. We all feel angry at different times and to varying degrees. Anger is an emotion

Knowledge about post-traumatic stress disorder in adolescents

Adolescence can be a tense and turbulent period. Although moodiness and irritability are common in adolescents, sometimes they have serious mental health challenges that need to be addressed. If your teenager has witnessed a traumatic event or had a

Knowledge about miscarriage grief and how to cope

Miscarriage-defined as a miscarriage within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy-Is common. About 10% to 20% of pregnancies cause miscarriage. Nevertheless, although miscarriage is common, many of us do not fully understand the destructive effects of miscarriage on people

What is tracking?

Tracking is a word we often use jokingly, such as telling a friend that you “tracked” their social media profile. However, actual tracking is a serious and dangerous crime that may bring dire consequences to the victim. Approximately 8%

What is entanglement trauma?

What is embedding? Most people want to have a close family-but there are still too many “good” things. Entangled If you grew up in a family with loose or non-existent boundaries, you may have experienced entanglement. Entanglement refers to

How crisis counseling can help people deal with trauma

Crisis refers not only to traumatic events or experiences, but also to individuals’ reactions to such situations.The events that triggered this crisis can cover all aspects of life experience, from developmental obstacles (such as adolescence) to natural disasters to

What is complex post-traumatic stress disorder?

What is complex post-traumatic stress disorder? Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (sometimes called complex PTSD or c-PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that involves many of the same symptoms as PTSD and other symptoms. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was originally thought

What is acoustic trauma?

What is acoustic trauma? Acoustic damage is hearing loss caused by sudden loud noises or continuous exposure to loud noises. Examples of loud noises that can cause auditory trauma include gunshots or explosions near the ears. Constant exposure to

What does it mean to be “triggered”

What does “triggered” mean? The term has been used arbitrarily to refer to the experience of emotionally responding to certain types of disturbing content in the media or other social environments, such as violence or mentions of suicide. However,

What are the different types of bullying?

Bullying is generally regarded as a physical and verbal aggression that school-age children endure from their peers. However, there are actually six different types of bullying: physical bullying, verbal bullying, relationship bullying, cyber bullying, sexual bullying, and prejudice. These

Virtual reality exposure therapy can help PTSD

Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) is being studied as another way to help people recover from PTSD.VRET is an exposure therapy that is increasingly used to treat various anxiety disorders, including specific phobiasHowever, before understanding how VRET treats PTSD

Rehabilitation of veterans with drug or alcohol problems

If you are a veteran dealing with drug or alcohol problems, you should learn about the VA drug rehabilitation programs available to you. It has been found that veterans encounter many difficulties, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, physical