11 Anger Management Strategies to Help You Calm Down

Failing to manage your anger can lead to a variety of problems such as saying things you regret, yelling at your kids, threatening your coworkers, sending rushed emails, developing health problems, or even using physical violence. But not all

How to Keep a Gratitude Journal to Relieve Stress

Developing an attitude of gratitude for the people, things, and events in your life is an effective way to affirm your life, enhance your emotional resilience, reduce stress, and more. Keeping a gratitude journal makes it easy to develop

How anxiety affects health and longevity

A flat tire will prepare you for a well-planned family road trip. Your laptop is gobbling up hours of work with a deadline looming. An innocent mistake in your math can cause your bank account balance to drop into

Workplace Bullying Causes Anxiety Problems

Workplace bullying can be a distressing experience for those who are targeted. In fact, the pain, suffering, and victimization of their experiences affected nearly every aspect of their lives, leaving them feeling lonely, isolated, depressed, and anxious. What’s more,

Workplace Bullying Overview

Workplace bullying occurs when a person or group of people intentionally causes distress or harm to another person in the workplace, much like school bullying. Because the effects of workplace bullying are huge and far-reaching, it can jeopardize the

Stress reduction tips for working moms

Working moms are notoriously busy and often find the unpredictability of parenting, especially small children, to cause additional stress. For example, a toilet training accident or emotional breakdown on the way to daycare has the potential to delay the

Overview of Work Anxiety

According to a survey by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, while only 9 percent of people have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, 40 percent experience constant stress or anxiety in their daily lives.Work anxiety refers to anxiety caused by

Why you should take care of your body and health

Health problems, even minor ones, can interfere with or even overshadow other areas of your life. Even relatively minor health problems, such as pain, lethargy, and indigestion, can take a toll on your well-being and stress levels. One way

How to take a break from work (and why you need it)

Everyone needs a break from time to time, but many people don’t have a spare vacation. Whether you’re planning a vacation, lodging, or recreation, it’s important to take a break from work, everyday life, and the demands of life

The importance of gratitude in the COVID era

Gratitude and expressing gratitude are one of the oldest concepts in society. It reminds us how special, beautiful and happy our lives are even when we face challenges, pressures and overwhelming situations. In a pandemic like COVID-19, the concept

Why Gen Z are more willing to talk about their mental health

Generation Z refers to the generation born between 1997 and 2012. They are the first generation to be completely raised by the Internet and smartphones. They grew up with a completely different world experience from the previous generations. Specifically,

Causes of pressure differences between individuals

Have you noticed that some people seem to thrive in chaos, while some people are even overwhelmed by positive changes in their lives? Stress is a highly subjective experience. Although many of us face roughly the same things-work, money,

How neighbors can help with stress management

We may not all have block parties and active neighborhood observations, but you may be more influenced by your neighbors than you think; the community we live in can affect our happiness and stress levels in many ways. When

Improve self-esteem to relieve stress

How you feel about yourself and your self-esteem will affect your happiness level, and it will also make your life more or less stressful. For example, if you believe that you are capable of handling things that are about