College and university accommodation for ADHD students

The student dormitory is designed to support students facing learning challenges and help them realize their academic potential. Accommodation helps students with ADHD obtain information, such as in class, and how they can demonstrate their knowledge in exams.Accommodation is designed to act as a balancer between students, so if you suffer from ADHD, you will not be at a disadvantage academically.

There is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about accepting accommodation. Facts have proved that providing these accommodations is helpful to students with ADHD.

Provide useful accommodation for ADHD students

These are examples of housing for college students with ADHD.

How to present information

  • Written explanation (rather than verbal explanation only)
  • Help reading homework
  • Ability to record lectures (you can also borrow recording equipment if needed)
  • Note-taking clerk writing class notes


  • Take the exam in a quiet place


  • Extra time to take the exam.The standard is time and half, although some students are eligible for longer time
  • Extra time to complete the assignment
  • Reduce the burden of courses.For example, you can be a part-time student, but still enjoy the benefits of a full-time student

Advanced course selection

Choosing a course before other students means you can choose a course at the easiest time of the day to learn. You can also choose the teacher you like. Both of these options can help you improve your grades.

Who should get accommodation?

Students who have had accommodation in high school tend to look for accommodation immediately after going to university. They have personally experienced the benefits of accommodation and know how much accommodation can contribute to success.

Some ADHD students can achieve good grades in high school without housing. When they enter the university, the amount of learning materials increases, the academic standards are higher, and ADHD students often realize that they will benefit from some additional support. This may not happen until the second semester or even the second year.

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Benefits of accommodation for ADHD

  • You can get what you know can be achieved.
  • It helps your self-esteem. The grades you get more accurately reflect the hard work you put in your studies.
  • Your college experience is less stressful and more enjoyable.
  • As your grades improve, you have more choices after graduation, including taking graduate courses.
  • If you have housing conditions at the university, you are also eligible for housing conditions when you take the entrance exams of professional schools (such as LSAT or MCAT) or graduate schools (such as GRE or GMAT).

Overcome the problem of reluctance to ask for accommodation

Many students with ADHD are unwilling to ask for accommodation. Here are some common reasons why you might not adopt this option:

  • You don’t want to be different from your friends.
  • Providing accommodation can feel like cheating and put you at an unfair advantage.
  • You don’t think you are worthy of them.
  • You do not want to be labeled as a disabled person.
  • The thought of arranging accommodation makes you feel overwhelmed.

Remember, accommodation is created to help students like you. Rather than putting you at an unfair advantage, it is better to make adjustments in a “level playing field” so that you are on an equal footing with your peers. This is not cheating! Colleges and universities have a review process to ensure that only students with learning challenges can get accommodation.of

If it is difficult to organize accommodation, please seek help. Parents, tutors, organized friends, and even staff at the Student Disability Services Office can help guide you through this process.

How do students with ADHD get housing at the university?

When you are admitted to a college or university for the first time, please visit their website. Find the “Student Disability Services Office” webpage and start the accommodation process. Tell them about your ADHD diagnosis and ask for student accommodation.

The Student Disability Office will then explain what information they need from you. The requirements of each school are slightly different. Usually, these offices will ask for letterhead from a licensed clinic stating your diagnosis, how they arrived at the diagnosis, and the date they saw you and made a decision.of

The information you need to provide has undergone important developments. Previously, your test needed to be performed within the past 5 years. Now, if your file is more than 5 years old, you can submit a file update, which is a summary of the results of your original disability file investigation.of

If you had a 504 in high school, you can also include a copy of the plan.

What happened next?

After the administrative work is completed, the Student Disability Office will contact you and make an appointment with one of their staff. They will tell you what conveniences you are entitled to. At some universities, the Student Disability Office will contact your professor to let them know about your accommodation. Other universities will send you a letter detailing your accommodation. You can then show this letter to each professor at the beginning of the semester, whether after class or during office hours. Most professors are familiar with how housing works; however, if they have any questions, you or the Student Disability Office can answer them.

What accommodation do I need?

If you have had accommodations in high school, then you will be familiar with which accommodations are helpful to you. If the residence is new to you, it may be more difficult to know what will help you. Accept all the conveniences provided to you, even if you do not use them. This is because adding accommodation may take a long time.

What happens if my application for accommodation is rejected?

If your request is denied for any reason, you can file an appeal. Usually rejection is because the Student Disability Office requires additional information. Once you provide the information, you can approve accommodation.

If you need to take further action, please contact the Association for Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). They are the organization responsible for overseeing the accommodation process. However, if you can talk to the school first, it will always be easier.

If I have accommodation at the university, is it bad for my career?

The school must not disclose confidential information about you. There are strict laws on this.

What if I go to a private school?

All private universities are required to comply with Chapter 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),This is a civil rights law designed to stop discrimination against persons with disabilities in all areas of life, including schools.

What happens if I change my mind and want to stay?

Even if you did not apply for accommodation when you first enrolled, it is not a problem. You can apply at any time. The only drawback is that the review process takes time to process, during which you will still learn and get results.

Any other suggestions for ADHD students?

Join a support group and meet other students in similar positions. This helps you realize that you are not alone and you can share experiences with people who truly understand. The Office of Student Disability Services may run a support group, or it will have details of the group held on campus.