Coping with being bullied because of values

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone agreed. Will it be calm? Although agreeing on everything from the beginning seems to be the ideal solution to today’s difficulties, it can also become very boring. The world needs diversity, different opinions and different people. In fact, it is a good thing that people have their own thoughts, opinions, and values. This fact can lead to new ideas, new perspectives and fruitful discussions.

Only when people cannot respect the beliefs and values ​​of others can differences of opinion become a problem. For some people, it is too easy to be constrained by their own beliefs that they give up common courtesy and respect at the first sign of disagreement. In some cases, the result may become so harsh and cruel that the discussion is no longer a disagreement. Instead, they evolved into bullying, including verbal abuse, emotional abuse, threats, and sometimes physical violence.

In most cases, when people are bullied because of their beliefs, opinions, ideas, or values, it is bullying based on prejudice. In addition to being intolerant of others’ opinions and beliefs, these bullies may also attack someone because of their religious beliefs and political opinions. Often, bullying based on prejudice is motivated by fear and lack of understanding. Therefore, if you want to combat this type of bullying, you need to alleviate these fears and help promote understanding. Most of the time, this starts with education.

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Once people understand the reasons for the differences, they are more likely to respond with respect and tolerance.

If your beliefs become the target, whether they are simple opinions, political opinions, or support for specific causes such as animal rights, abuse prevention, or climate control, you can respond to such bullying in a calm and effective manner. Here are some steps you can take to deal with situations where you are being bullied because of your beliefs and values.

Understand why they bully you

Bullying is always wrong and will never be accepted. However, when you are dealing with people who bully you because of their beliefs, it helps to understand their motives. Having some knowledge of the bully helps to move your attention away from what he said to you, and instead put your attention back on him.

Are they bullying you because they are afraid that you expect them to be exactly like you? Are they bullying because they don’t understand the cause you support and need more information? Or, are they bullying you simply because they lack empathy and like to procrastinate or criticize you? Once you grasp the motivation behind bullying, you will know how to respond. For example, you can provide more information to someone who doesn’t know your beliefs, but if the person is a troll, it’s best to ignore or report them.

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Communicate that you don’t want them to change

It would be great if everyone supported the same cause, but it would simply not be feasible. If the person who is bullying you is your colleague, family member, or someone you interact with frequently, remind him that just because you support a particular cause does not mean you expect them to follow suit. This may help. If people are not stressed, judged, or threatened in some way, they are less likely to become defensive or mean. Make sure you respect their opinions and beliefs, just as you want them to do.

Expect respect from others

Although you cannot expect everyone to change or conform to your way of thinking, you should not conform or hide your identity because they disagree. Expecting respect from others is not too demanding. Healthy friends, family, and colleagues should accept your values ​​and beliefs, even if they disagree. They should never make fun of you or your thoughts. If they cannot respect others, make sure you can tolerate their bullying. If they cannot treat you well, you can also reduce or eliminate interaction with them. No poisonous people or fake friends are allowed in your life.

Keep it real

Be proud of yourself and don’t let anyone try to define you with insults and bullying. What you believe is not stupid or meaningless. Like everyone else, you have the right to have your own opinions, values, and beliefs. Remember, there will always be people who disagree with you. Many people like to debate, argue, and sometimes even bully. But this does not mean that your beliefs are invalid. Unless your beliefs are harmful to others, you have done nothing wrong.

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Get help when you need it

Unfortunately, sometimes differences can go too far. If you are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable or insecure or threatened in some way, it is important to either report the bullying or involve others who can help you or protect you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes, the bully may be determined to control you or force you to make changes, so that they go too far to achieve. Never put yourself at risk in order to support your career. Put your personal safety first.

Join or form a group

It can be invaluable to get extra support in a group that has the same values ​​and goals as yours. The extra support and recognition you get from other people who share your opinion can offset the negative effects of bullying. Join or start a club, go to a party, find online forums, or follow other people with similar opinions on social media. Support, friendship, and discussion will not only have a positive impact, they will also build your self-esteem and confidence.