Coping with social anxiety when getting married

If you suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), wedding anxiety will increase. Whether you have been diagnosed with SAD, have been treated, or have symptoms but never asked for help, the idea of ​​planning and attending a wedding can be overwhelming.

Many people with SAD will never hold large weddings, preferring to remain quiet and private, or even decide to elope. However, for those with family obligations or spouses who want to hold a formal ceremony, choosing not to attend their wedding may not be an option.

Planning a wedding

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help alleviate your anxiety about the wedding.

Little thinking

Plan a small informal gathering instead of a large formal event. Small may even mean only you and your fiance. The wedding should reflect what you want, not what you think other people expect.

Ask for help

Seek help from someone you trust during the planning phase. Talk to that person about handling the necessary phone calls to make the day a success. If your budget allows, you can even hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners have established existing relationships with merchants and can negotiate more easily.

Choose your method

Consult a good online planning website to see if you can’t do a lot of planning and preparation in a simpler way. Instead of going to a large bridal shop, it is better to see if a local tailor or friend can make a dress. Instead of inviting various catering suppliers, photographers and florists to compare prices and products, it is better to make choices based on recommendations from friends or family or through online research.

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Trust the chief

If meeting with the host of religious ceremonies causes anxiety, consider talking to them about your anxiety. Having the officiant on your side and sensitive to your anxiety may help ease the embarrassment and tension during the ceremony.

Don’t let the negative affect you

When planning a wedding of any size, there are bound to be differences and misunderstandings. At any wedding, it is likely that someone will be dissatisfied with what you have planned. Unless that person has a valid complaint and has an obvious plan of action-let it go.

Finally, if you have SAD and you are planning a wedding-congratulations to yourself! This means that you have crossed the barrier of finding a special person to spend the rest of your life with. Enjoy your day and be proud of your achievements.

How to choose a wedding party

Traditionally, the wedding party consists of the siblings of the bride and groom, as well as close relatives and friends. If you have a few close friends or relatives-what would you do?

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Mix and mix

Fill up the wedding party with siblings and relatives from both parties. Your fiance’s sisters can be excellent bridesmaids, and your brothers may be happy to be ushers. Even if it is a female best man, it is not impossible for a male bridesmaid.

Throw an uneven wedding party

Guests may not even notice. Just make sure to make arrangements for situations where coupling often occurs, such as walking in the aisle, introductions, photos, and the first dance. Ask a best man to take two bridesmaids together, or let all the bridesmaids go by themselves. Introduce the wedding party one by one, not in groups of two.

Go without

If neither you nor your fiancé have close family or friends, then give up the wedding altogether. This is especially meaningful if you choose a low-key wedding or elopement. By changing the style of the wedding from traditional to modern, or holding smaller parties, guests are unlikely to be surprised that there is no wedding party.

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Friendship work

If your wedding is still some time away, consider the acquaintances you already have and whether any of these acquaintances can develop into friendships.

Finally, you can decide how to plan this part of the wedding. It is not important to have seven bridesmaids, what matters is whether this day is meaningful to you.

Also remember that if someone refuses, don’t treat it as an individual. Attending a wedding usually requires investment of time and money, and not everyone is willing or able to make a promise.

Make your wedding less stressful

Remember, whether social anxiety is a problem or not, weddings are stressful and anxious for everyone. If you feel overwhelmed and anxious, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Make social anxiety your top priority so you have the strength and perseverance to deal with the ups and downs of the wedding.

If you have not been diagnosed, please make an appointment with your doctor. If you have not yet received treatment, learn more about options such as medications and treatments. Although strategies can help control your nerves, professional treatment for SAD is irreplaceable.