Cultivate gratitude and make life happier

Grateful people are happier-this seems to be the wisdom you might find on bumper stickers because of its obvious truth and positive feelings, but research on gratitude also supports this claim. It feels great when you have a moment when someone does something for you and fills your heart with grateful warmth.

But you don’t have to wait for the environment to bring you this feeling-you can do something in your life, use the experience you have in your life to actively create gratitude for yourself, and create new experiences for your life and you The lives of those around you bring more gratitude. With this kind of gratitude, it will bring some benefits, including enhancing the ability to adapt to stress!

The following are proven strategies that can bring more gratitude to your life and relationships. Some of them are simple exercises that you can try on your own to bring a burst of happiness; some of them are activities that can be carried out on a regular basis, which can add happiness to your mood. One or two of them are magnificent gestures that you will remember in the coming years. No matter what you are looking for, please consider the following to see how you can improve your life with gratitude.


Research shows that the simple act of smiling can actually change how you feel, no matter why you smile. In addition, many people will instinctively smile back when they see a sincere smile on someone’s face, so that you will get double benefits-you feel better about yourself, and you are surrounded by a world full of smiling and happy people Surrounded by. Smiling can ease difficult social interactions in a few seconds and reduce the pressure you may feel in other difficult social situations.

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Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping a diary has many proven benefits, including improved health and increased flexibility. However, keeping a gratitude journal will bring additional benefits. At the end of each day (or when you need an emotional boost), write down three things that you are grateful for and truly appreciate the positive emotions that arise when you think about them.

Keeping a gratitude journal has been shown to relieve depression and help relieve stress.

Get advice from the VigorTip Mind podcast

This episode of The VigorTip Mind podcast hosted by LCSW’s editor-in-chief and therapist Amy Morin shares how gratitude can help you quickly increase your mental strength.

Practice loving-kindness meditation

Compassionate meditation is a widely practiced meditation that brings both the benefits of meditation and the benefits of increased compassion and connection with others. It first focuses on the positive and loving feelings of oneself, and then branches from there. This type of meditation can help you revel in your gratitude for all the important people in your life and develop greater gratitude for those who might struggle with you.

Pay attention to your comparison

Almost everyone can become a victim of jealousy—someone gets a promotion we think we should have, has a “perfect” relationship, or a well-behaved child we always think we will have, or always seems to have what we have Of working hard in our own lives (instead of getting it). Usually, those who are prone to jealous tend to compare the worst in their lives with the best in other people’s lives-we rarely want to exchange life with others, but hope that we have one thing they have for us Life becomes better. Or we compare their best day, quality or environment with our worst.

If you find yourself battling green-eyed monsters, you can free yourself from the quarrel by changing the comparison and adding some extra gratitude to the mix. If you find that you want to own something that others have, please remind yourself of what you have and what they don’t have-not in a competitive way, but with “Oh, yes, I am also very lucky!” greatly.

In addition, if you find yourself feeling inferior because your friends are doing better than you, pay attention to all areas in your life where you are good at, and be grateful for them. You get it-fight jealousy with pride in what you are good at and gratitude for what you have. Soon, this will become a habit, and you will be less and less jealous.

Give a hug and a “thank you

Simply expressing gratitude with short words or hugs can help you establish more connections with others and help them establish more connections with you. These quick experiences can translate into positive feelings for both parties, as well as a stronger relationship and all the benefits that come with it.

Plan a gratitude visit

How many people have shown kindness to you in your life — kindness changed your environment, gave you something important when you needed it, or helped you in some way? When was the last time you told one of them how grateful you were, what they did for you, and how it helped your life? Writing a thank-you letter and sending it-what positive psychologists call “thank you” and “thank you for visiting”-can bring positive feelings to the people you admire, and even more positive feelings to you ! This is a great gesture and brings greater benefits.


Cultivate gratitude and make life happier
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