Eliminate white supremacy in daily life

For a long time, those beneficiaries have been willing to appease BIPOC personnel about the dangers of white supremacy by focusing on the progress that has been made. Great progress must have been made since the indigenous people were unable to vote or slavery was legal, but white supremacy continues in daily life, as those affected have always known.

After the killing of George Floyd, people more seriously called for accountability at the system level. People have the opportunity to take on more personal responsibilities and invest in the abolition of white supremacy for the benefit of the BIPOC community. They have always deserved better and a fairer society, which is good for everyone.

Before you begin to disintegrate the work of white supremacy, you need to better understand its deep roots in history and reality in order to effectively identify its manifestations.

Especially if you have not thought about this issue critically before, or are proud of all the hard work you have achieved, then it will be very uncomfortable to start to uncover the ways in which BIPOC people have been oppressed by white supremacy.

In fact, when faced with these enlightening messages, some people will struggle with cognitive dissonance—spiritually separating themselves from the current reality—because there may be a lot between early beliefs and new understandings. Big tensions may challenge them to the point of pain.

Why is it called white supremacy?

Although white supremacy has long been associated with extreme and explicit hate groups, diverse educator and author Robin DiAngelo (Robin DiAngelo) clarified that there is no more power than a culture that has disproportionately more power over whites. This describes more accurately that through this culture, they maintain a problematic status quo and continue to oppress BIPOC people.

Ijeoma Oluo, author So you want to talk about race, WriteWhite supremacy is in our workplaces, our school system, our government, and our prisons. It exists in our books, movies and TV. From the moment white settlers decided that their demands for land were more important than the lives of indigenous peoples, white supremacy has been integrated into the structure of our country. This is not a new issue. This is America. ”

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White-dominated institutions

To prove this, in 2016-2017, Congress was 90% white, governor was 96% white, senior military advisor was 100% white, president and vice president were 100% white, and the current U.S. President’s cabinet was 91%. % Of white people.

93% of the people who decide which TV shows we watch are white, 90% of the people who decide which books we read are white, 85% of the people who decide which news reports are white, and the people who decide which music is 95% white.

In addition, teachers are 83% white, full-time college professors are 84% white, and men’s professional football team owners are 97% white.

This is just one example of the many predominantly white institutions in our lives, which also include lawyers, doctors, and judges.

Understanding resources

If you benefit from white supremacy to a large extent without realizing this and its direct connection with the continued oppression of BIPOC personnel, then carrying out this much-needed work to achieve fairer results will require you to treat yourself and A major change in the opinions of others.

Part of this work is getting used to using the term “white supremacy” like Robin DiAngelo does, because it is sometimes easier to make changes when you can connect with the person who recommended the job.

These words have long been used by outstanding BIPOC writers, such as Ijeoma Oluo, whose book was published before the white professor and accompanied by a free online discussion guide to help white people and BIPOC personnel have challenging conversations.

However, black women are often seen as angry because they express valid statements about how white supremacy oppresses them, and white supremacy will only maintain the system.

In addition to reading books, there are many resources to help you better understand white supremacy. Many leaders in this field hold different types of seminars and webinars, including content on YouTube and other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.Ton

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How to do better

Disrupting white supremacy may be overwhelming, but due to the continued failure of this necessary work, people in BIPOC have to survive the trauma for centuries, including caring for the feelings of white people. If they feel uncomfortable with the cruel facts, they Ability to further oppress them rather than confront them.

On the positive side, the abolition of white supremacy relies on highly transferable skills that you may often use for other efforts that require behavior change.

At other times, when you do not know certain things, you may have solved the problem of how to learn this information in your daily life, and the work of dismantling white supremacy has also adopted a similar method.

Oluo wrote: “The beauty of anti-racism is that you don’t have to pretend that you don’t have racism to be an anti-racist. Anti-racism is the promise to fight racism wherever you find it, including yourself. . And this is the only way out,”

This work is a continuous psychologically intensive process that may feel challenging, especially considering that the myth of a fair system is widespread in this country. At work, keep your feet on the ground by using positive coping strategies (such as prayer, meditation, and yoga) and remind yourself that this is a problem that cannot be solved in a day, a month, or a year.

If you are white, you may be accustomed to thinking that you are as valuable as the people of BIPOC on this topic, although they have experienced hundreds of years of suffering, and you and your ancestors have benefited from it.

In this way, it is necessary to understand that if you lack the life experience of oppression based on a certain aspect of your identity, you will never be a more realistic authority than someone who personally navigates these challenges.

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Things to remember during the journey

When you take these steps to challenge yourself to think more critically about how to work with BIOC people, you may feel frustrated, but you can overcome these problems just like when other goals are difficult to achieve.

Perhaps you have gained more rest from your past efforts and participated in some kind of activity that relieves you of stress, or you may connect with your loved one to verify your feelings, so these coping skills can continue to be a disintegration Useful strategies for white supremacy.

When seeking your support, it is important to ensure that you will not ask BIPOC personnel to perform further emotional labor. They may feel pressure to agree to such requests, because white supremacy has led to an extremely uneven distribution of power.

By thinking more critically about how white supremacy is ingrained in your system and consciousness, you will better think about where there might be opportunities to disrupt these dynamics for BIPOC people.

For some people from different backgrounds, treatment can help unravel the experience associated with racism.

Use privileges to make fair changes

Understanding white supremacy is as important as understanding white supremacy. It is important that you take steps beyond this point and take concrete actions to resolve the oppression of BIPOC personnel, especially considering the relative power and privileges of white people, which gives greater gains Opportunities to change ideas and systems, which are obstacles to fair results.

Although you may get a job offer to do this job, given that in these inherently paranoid systems, white people are often seen as more credible, a more ethical approach is to expand BIPOC’s voice based on life experience rather than continuing yours The further benefits of ancestral heritage white supremacy come at the cost of BIOC’s trauma.

The steps can be small, in daily activities, such as eating out or in a store, looking for BIOC employees, or if the experience is really good, try to provide positive feedback.