Heal a broken heart with “Break Up Boot Camp” author Amy Chan

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Meet Amy Chen

For more than ten years, Amy Chan has been writing articles about relationships and dating. In her book, Break up training camp, She explained science-based methods to heal the past, reconnect subconscious patterns, and create healthy love.

Amy is also the editor-in-chief of Heart Hackers Club, an online magazine that focuses on love, desire, and the psychology behind desire. She has appeared in the national media, including the front page cover stories of “The New York Times”, “Good Morning America”, “Nightline”, “Fortune”, “Mary Claire”, “Vogue”, etc.

Why is Amy Chen strong

When Amy Chen experienced a difficult breakup, she worked hard to heal her broken heart. She felt depressed, anxious, and even wanted to commit suicide.

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Her experience made her realize that there are not many resources available for people who are trying to recover from a breakup. Therefore, she decided to share her wisdom and started Renew Breakup Bootcamp, a retreat camp that uses scientific and spiritual methods to heal the heart.

What will you hear in the show

What will you learn from a broken heart and spiritual power

Sometimes people think that self-care after a breakup means sitting there in pajamas and eating ice cream. But that is self-pity, not self-care.

Although it is important to let yourself experience sadness, healing also includes forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. Whether it means having dinner with friends or going to class, put yourself there.

This does not mean that you should ignore your feelings by “keep busy”. That’s not healthy. However, taking positive action while giving yourself time to grieve is the key to healing a broken heart.

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Amy’s famous quote

Amy Chen

When you judge that you feel bad, you only add an extra layer of shame.

— Amy Chen

  • “We have compound traumas that add up. Then the last kind of trauma takes us on this journey of healing and feels it all at the same time.”
  • “One of the things you need to do after a breakup is to develop a strategy for how to pass the time.”
  • “Your body is in shock and it will do everything possible to get more of this feeling. So sometimes we will follow their Instagram or re-read text messages, or even call them to fight.”

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