Health Benefits of Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke leaf extract is made from artichokes. This plant is part of the daisy family and is native to southern Europe and northern Africa.

The artichoke itself is the bud of a flower. It has leaves protecting its fleshy core, known as the artichoke heart. The human heart is eaten by people. It pairs well with many dishes, from soups to salads.

Artichoke leaves are traditionally used to treat jaundice, acid reflux, some liver diseases, and more. On top of that, research suggests that artichokes may help lower cholesterol.

This article discusses whether artichoke extract can be used to lower cholesterol. It includes tips on finding good artichokes and how to prepare it. It also lists some of the side effects associated with consuming it.

health benefits

Artichoke extract is sometimes used to treat various health conditions, such as:

  • the Hangover
  • hypertension
  • anemia
  • arthritis
  • kidney problems
  • liver problems
  • snake bite
  • Edema (water retention)

There isn’t enough evidence to support the use of artichoke leaf extract for these health benefits.

However, there is research to support the use of artichoke leaf extract to treat indigestion. A growing number of researchers are also interested in how artichokes have the potential to treat high cholesterol.

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high cholesterol

It is not known how effective artichokes are for lowering cholesterol. The results of research on this topic have been mixed. Most studies have only tested the effects of artichoke extract.

It is not known how well artichokes lower cholesterol in the body. It is thought that they may exert similar effects as statins. These drugs are suitable for people with high cholesterol. Statins work by blocking an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase, which plays a role in cholesterol production.

Artichokes also contain antioxidants such as flavonoids. These chemicals are found in many other colorful vegetables and fruits.They are thought to help reduce LDL oxidation, which helps atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries due to plaque buildup).

Ways to prevent atherosclerosis

possible side effects

Artichokes are probably safe when eaten as food. Research has also shown that artichoke supplements are safe to take for up to 23 months.

The only major side effects to watch out for are hunger, gas and weakness. Some people may experience an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Artichokes may also cause allergic reactions in people allergic to marigolds, daisies, and other similar herbs.


Research is mixed on whether artichoke extract is effective in lowering cholesterol. That said, there are no significant risks to consuming them in food or supplement form. Side effects include gas and stomach upset.

Dosage and Preparation

There is no recommended dosage for artichoke leaf extract. The amounts used in the studies ranged from 320 to 1,800 mg per day.

The dose that is right for you may depend on your age, sex, medical history, and other factors. Ask your doctor to recommend a good dose for you.

what to look for

You can often find artichoke leaf extract supplements where other herbal extracts are sold. However, supplements do not provide the same level of nutrients as fresh artichokes.

There are many ways to include artichokes in your cholesterol-lowering diet. You can lightly sauté, bake or roast them. Alternatively, you can eat it raw.

Be careful not to cook artichokes in heavy fat or fry them. This can add more calories and saturated fat to your dishes.


Researchers looking into the cholesterol-lowering uses of artichokes have had mixed results. They’re unlikely to do you any harm, but they won’t cure your high cholesterol either. Eat them raw or add them to your favorite recipes. You should be able to find supplements at the store, but you’ll benefit the most from cutting out unhealthy foods and adding more fresh artichokes to your diet.

VigorTip words

If your diet contains a lot of high-fat foods, you may be putting yourself at risk for high cholesterol (if you’re not already there). Eating more artichokes and less junk food is a good option, but you shouldn’t rely on artichokes to lower your LDL cholesterol.

On the plus side, artichoke leaf extracts aren’t associated with any serious side effects, so adding them to your diet won’t hurt. However, if you take other medications or have certain medical conditions, it’s best to talk to your doctor first.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of artichoke leaf extract?

    According to one study, artichoke leaf extract may provide health benefits such as enhanced endothelial cell function, increased nitric oxide (NO) production in endothelial cells, and anti-inflammatory effects. It may also provide cosmetic benefits of reducing wrinkles by improving skin firmness and elasticity.

  • Can you eat raw artichokes?

    Yes, you can eat raw artichokes. In fact, research shows that artichoke has blood pressure-lowering effects in those who consume it. This may be especially helpful for people with mild hypertension (raised blood pressure).