How ADHD affects you and your romantic partner

All relationships present challenges at some point in time. ADD / ADHD will definitely have a unique impact on interpersonal relationships.Kate Kelly, founder and author of ADDed Dimensions Coaching Do you mean I am not lazy, stupid or crazy? ! and Added dimension, Pointed out that ADHD can affect all aspects of life, including intimacy.

Kelly identified four main areas of difficulty. Any of these can affect you and your partner-but once you realize the challenges, you can begin to solve them. Do any (or all) of these questions sound familiar?

Difficulties in being and maintaining the moment

“Perhaps the biggest problem is the ADHD partner, he seems to be here today and is leaving tomorrow,” Kelly explained. “The symptoms of ADHD are unstable. For example, people with ADHD may be very easily distracted in the morning, and will be relatively concentrated after an hour or two. This can be very difficult for partners. Their loved ones are at a certain moment. Fall in love with them and connect with them, and then go “other places” in the next moment. There doesn’t seem to be any rhythm or reason to disconnect.”

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Kelly pointed out that many people with ADHD also have sensory integration problems. “In short, this means that there is a problem with the mechanism for filtering sensory input. The lights may be too bright, the sound may be too loud, and the touch may be annoying or annoying,” Kelly explained. “As you might imagine, when people with ADHD refuse to be touched, it creates difficulties between partners.”

Forget things

ADHD can interfere with memory. Kelly acknowledged that the process of memorization is quite complicated, but pointed out the main problem with ADHD and memory-first storing things to remember in the memory bank. “The first stage of memory is to pay attention to the information to be remembered,” Kelly said. “If your concentration is weak, that bit of information may never enter the brain.”

Short fuse

It is not uncommon for people with ADHD to be grumpy. “Many people with ADHD have a short-term insurance,” Kelly explained. “Their tempers are easily aroused. Partners of people with ADHD are often confused because outbursts of anger seem to be everywhere.”

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