How to be more involved in your life with Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey

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Meet Matthew McConaughey

You may have seen Matthew McConaughey in one of his movies, such as “Dazed and Confused”, “How to Lose a Person in 10 Days” or “Moment of Killing.” He received a long list of honors, including an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

He is also the author of a very successful book “Green Light”. This book is a memoir, including many old journal articles from many years ago. However, it also includes information about how he handled setbacks and overcome obstacles.

Why Matthew McConaughey is mentally strong

Matthew shared the way he likes to challenge himself in life; when things are too easy for him, he will change what he is doing.

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For example, he challenged himself to take on a new acting role. Although starring in a romantic comedy is easy and profitable, he stopped temporarily to look for a new role. It took a few years, but he ended up in some dramatic roles that challenged him to do different things.

He also shared how some of the most challenging things he did became the most important learning experiences in his life. For example, he spent a year in Australia before becoming an actor. Living with strangers, learning a new culture, staying away from friends and family, all these brought him new challenges.

What will you hear in the show

  • My concerns about his book and his reaction to it
  • Although most celebrities hire ghostwriters, why did he decide to write his own book
  • How he turned crisis into opportunity
  • How to recognize the green light in life, what to do when you encounter a yellow light and a red light
  • How to participate more and reduce impressions
  • How to make yourself more comfortable and what you can learn from being alone
  • When he looks back on his 37-year diary, what he knows about himself
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Matthew Quotes

Matthew McConaughey

While writing this book, I noticed,’Wow, every failure or difficulty you have encountered, many have been rewarded. You were rewarded later. Every sacrifice, opportunity or health risk you make has been rewarded.

-Matthew McConaughey

  • “I have value when I’m at the bottom.”
  • “I don’t approve of the delusional optimism of the Hallmark card. It says,’Hey, look on the bright side.’ I just said,’No, actually look at the hard side. See how it’s empty, but don’t Rolling there.”
  • “As a writer, I was more involved and less impressive. I think I became a better writer because of this.”

More about green light

Matthew’s book is full of stories from various periods in his life and the lessons he learned in the process. He talked about the feeling of growing up at home, how he started acting, and how he got married and started a family.

He briefly mentioned sexual abuse in the book. He detailed several incidents of violence between his parents. He attached a photo of his mother bending her finger and said that his father broke it on four different occasions-he also mentioned this in the podcast.

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