How to choose progress instead of perfection through Peloton coach Ally Love

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Meet the ally of love

Ally Love has several outstanding careers. She worked as a dancer for the New York Knicks. She has toured in contemporary ballet and has worked as an advertising model for Under Armour, Health, Self and Victoria’s Secret.

She is currently the home host of the Brooklyn Nets and the coach of Peloton. She is also the founder and CEO of Love Squad, a fitness and lifestyle website that empowers women.

Why is Ally Love strong mentally

Ally’s successful career path taught her that it is more important to value progress than to pursue perfection.

She admits that she often puts too much pressure on herself, asking herself to be perfect and to be liked by others. However, she is working hard to learn how to reduce her slack.

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This is also her message to the people who work with her. You don’t have to be perfect, but today you can still take a step in the right direction.

What will you hear in the show

  • What to remember when someone criticizes you
  • Questions you should ask yourself when you put pressure on yourself for perfection
  • How to recover from errors
  • How to target realism instead of perfectionism
  • How to accept that not everyone will like your choice
  • How to view progress like compound interest and why it is important
  • How to stop stressing yourself and keep yourself happy
  • What to do when you are too harsh on yourself

You will learn about mental health and mental strength

Some people think that mental power is trying to reach the top at all costs. After all, shouldn’t you have enough strength to overcome pain or persevere?

But sometimes, the real power lies in our efforts to make progress, not in the pursuit of perfection.

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Taking a day off, recovering from mistakes, and recovering from failure is part of this process.

Progress will not rise in a straight line. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

Therefore, instead of assuming that you should be strong enough to never mess up, the real power can be knowing that you are strong enough to recover when you make a mistake.

Quotes from allies


What people think of me has nothing to do with me. I must continue to love myself and be satisfied with myself.

— Friendship

  • “Sometimes I think I have to be happy all the time. I have to be okay. All the time. I have to do all the right things all the time. This in itself is trying to be perfect.”
  • “I can’t continue to rely on the idea that everyone likes everything I do. I have to like who I am and what I do in their lives.”
  • “My happiness is not in the hands of my husband, my family or my followers. It is in my hands.”

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How to choose progress instead of perfection through Peloton coach Ally Love
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