How to create positive changes in your life with author James Altucher

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Meet James Altucher

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, author, and host of the popular podcast “The James Altucher Show.” He is also a talk show comedian. Although he was successful by most people’s standards, his road to the top was tortuous. In his life, he went bankrupt several times and almost lost everything-including his home and his marriage.

In 2016, Forbes Call James “the most interesting person in the world”. At that time, he had no fixed residence. He moved from Airbnb to Airbnb with only his laptop and some belongings.

Why is James Altucher so strong

One thing that makes James so interesting is that he is willing to talk publicly about his mental health. He has been struggling with depression and anxiety. He even wanted to commit suicide sometimes.

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He went to see a therapist-he talked about this often. He also developed what he called “daily exercises”-a set of strategies he said saved his life. He continues to learn more strategies to improve his life and travels with his readers and listeners. He shared what worked and what didn’t work in his blog posts, podcasts, and books.

James’ willingness to be vulnerable is one of the reasons that makes him a mentally strong person. He admitted that although he did not have all the answers that would help everyone, he shared the methods that worked for him.

What will you hear in the show

  • How to stop “following the flow” in life
  • Why did he wear pajamas for 44 consecutive days (and what you can learn from his experience)
  • How to be good at something without putting in 10,000 hours of practice
  • How to conduct experiments that can change your life
  • A daily habit that can help you be good at generating new ideas
  • How to win among monopoly
  • Why fragility can bring freedom
  • How to admit your mistakes (even if they are embarrassing)
  • Even if the media wants you to experience anxiety, how to keep the media headlines
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You will learn how to create positive change and spiritual power

Behavioral experiments are usually an important part of treatment. This is because many things you think may not be correct.

Experiments can help you test your self-limiting beliefs and negative predictions. This may help you discover that you are stronger, more capable, and more capable than your brain thinks.

James Quotations

James Altucher

Most of the time, when I want to try new things, I start with experiments. There are almost no shortcomings in terms of money or time, and the potential is huge.

— James Altucher

  • “You only have so much spiritual possessions. But if 99% of your brain has been dominated by people you hate and people who hate you, then you won’t really achieve much in this world.”
  • “You have to exercise and strengthen this thinking muscle.”
  • “Reading the news will almost make you a more angry person.”
  • “The world is changing. I call it the “great reset”. The “old normal” is not so good. We just get used to it. So everyone wants to go back to the’old normal’ and call it the’new normal’ ‘, just make some small changes.”

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