How to have a better conversation with best-selling author Celeste Headlee

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Meet Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee is a reporter, writer, speaker, and co-host of the PBS weekly series Retro Report.

She is the author of several books, including We need to talk: how to have important conversations and Did not do anything.

Her TEDx talk “10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation” is one of the most watched talks of all time. She is a respected communication expert and how to conduct uncomfortable conversations.

Why Celeste Headlee is strong

Many relationship problems and mental health problems stem from communication problems. Communication errors, such as avoiding uncomfortable topics and passing bad news in unhelpful ways, can cause a lot of pain in life.

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Celeste is dedicated to teaching people how to communicate in different ways. She deals with uncomfortable topics and hopes others know that talking about difficult topics may be the key to healing.

What will you hear in the show

  • Why Zoom meetings are bad for your brain (and how to deal with them)
  • How to have difficult conversations with people
  • Why we like to talk about ourselves so much
  • How to better conduct a conversation
  • Why should we stop using the word “introverted”
  • What to do when you feel anxious about social situations
  • How loneliness affects your brain
  • How to deliver bad news
  • How to start solving racial issues in conversations

You will learn about mental health and mental strength

Whether you want to draw a line with the mother who offered you advice, or you want to express your concerns about your friend’s drug use, it is tempting to avoid sharp topics. But avoiding these conversations can have a serious impact on your emotional health.

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Speaking out loud and listening to the opinions of people who differ from yours requires mental power. Although these conversations can be frustrating, they can help you feel better in the long run.

Having uncomfortable conversations can improve your relationship. However, they can also bring about positive changes, thereby alleviating your pain.

Fortunately, you can learn some techniques to help you have a better conversation. Celeste is teaching people how to develop these skills to deal with uncomfortable topics and become better communicators.

Quotes from Celeste

Celeste Headley

All the other problems we face, no matter how tragic, short-lived and difficult-whether it is climate change, vaccination, pandemic period-without good communication, all of these are impossible to solve.

— Celeste Headley

  • “You can observe brain scans of people who have just jumped from one meeting to another, and then see that their brains become more and more anxious and stressed.”
  • “You can be very, very awkward in conversation. After training, you will become attractive and interesting and become a great talker.”
  • “People think they are better at reading others than they are. This can cause a lot of communication problems.”
  • “If you want someone to come out instead of saying,’You are a racist,’ say,’That’s racist words.'”

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