How to relieve stress through art therapy

Although art therapy is its own field, you can also use self-directed art to express your creativity, reduce stress, and stay connected with your feelings. Most of us instinctively understand the power of art as children: almost all children know the joy of sculpting things with plasticine, drawing things with fingers, or drawing with crayons and other materials.

In addition to scribbling at the edges of the page, if you are like most adults, you may not express yourself in art as you did when you were a child. You may not think you are “good at” artistic creation, or you may think it is not worth the time, but art is actually a precious pastime.

There are many reasons why art is a great tool for stress reduction, even for those who don’t think they have artistic inclinations.

Benefits of art therapy

Whether you can fight for Vincent van Gough (Vincent van Gough) money, or just barely draw a stick figure, art is a great way to reduce stress.Results of a study published in 2016 Journal of the American Art Therapy Association Discover that only 45 minutes of creative activity can relieve your stress, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

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Here are some ways that artistic creation can help relieve stress:

  • As a form of self-care: Sometimes, we shoulder all the responsibilities of life, but forget that we need and deserve rest and self-care. Spending a few minutes on a regular basis to focus on a hobby will give you more of what you need in this area. With art, you have an additional benefit, which is to leave something beautiful (or at least interesting) to show it.
  • Help you get into a “flow state”: Some psychologists describe flow as being deeply engrossed in an activity. Similar to meditation, flow can improve performance and reduce stress levels.When you practice musical instruments, exercise, gardening, writing, drawing, or drawing, you may experience flow.
  • Divert your attention away from things: Creating art can divert your attention away from anything that stresses you, for at least a few minutes. When you focus on creation, it is difficult to continue thinking about your problems. If your problems have been bothering you, you can incorporate them into your creation. Once you are done, you should have a clearer mind to solve your problem again.

Sketchbook to relieve stress

Keeping a sketchbook is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress. It can be a form of diary, just like a diary, it can be cathartic, creative and stress-relieving. You can use the diary for personal art therapy and stress management in the following ways:

  • Start to write a dream diary. A dream diary can help you identify patterns in your dreams that point to areas in your life that require extra attention. Try to keep a notebook and a pen next to your bed. Once you wake up, draw the first image, symbol or word that comes to your mind. If you are not “good at” drawing, don’t worry. Your dream diary is only for you.
  • Draw how you feel. Draw your stress. Describing things that make you feel stressful literally or abstractly can help you express emotions that may be difficult to express in words.
  • Write a gratitude journal. Many people will write a gratitude journal to record the things they are grateful for. Personalize your gratitude diary by drawing the faces of your loved ones, places that bring you peace, or other things you are grateful for. The process of sketching can relieve stress well, and re-examining your creation can also bring you some peace in the future.
  • Start to color. Nowadays, coloring is not just for kids. For those who are not artistic but still want to create beautiful pictures, adult picture books are especially relaxing.

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If you continue to feel too stressed and start to interfere with your daily life, please consult your doctor. They may recommend a therapist who can provide support and skills to manage your stress.