How to save yourself with best-selling author Danielle Walker

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Meet Danielle Walker

When Danielle Walker was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, the doctor told her that her disease could be well controlled with medication. However, Danielle’s symptoms did not disappear. In fact, the sudden onset caused her to lose a lot of weight, and she needed to be hospitalized frequently.

Although she does not want to give up traditional medicine altogether, she also does not want to sit back and watch her condition worsen. She decided that she must save herself.

She started by changing her diet small steps at a time. Through trial and error, she discovered which foods are effective for her and which foods must be removed from her diet.

Her dietary restrictions made her feel that she could no longer enjoy delicious meals. Therefore, she set out to make good-tasting recipes while also allowing her to stick to her eating habits.

She found that other people were interested in her recipes, so she started sharing her recipes. The popularity of her blog led to a cookbook, and eventually, she became a best-selling author.

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Why is Danielle strong

Danielle said that many medical experts doubt whether changing her diet can improve her condition. However, in any case, she is willing to try. She knows that changing her diet will not cause harm.

Danielle is mentally strong because she has not given up on herself. She is willing to experiment with her diet to help her discover what works best for her.

Now, she is sharing her knowledge with others. She also talks openly about the emotional loss her illness has caused her, and she encourages others to experiment to learn about strategies that can help them feel best.

What will you hear in the show

  • How changing habits can lead to feeling sad about what you gave up
  • How Danielle began to find her own health answers
  • Danielle gradually realized the connection between physical health, emotional health and mental health
  • How to conduct a 30-day experiment to help you develop a lifestyle that makes you feel best
  • Why you are your own expert and what is best for you
  • How to deal with people who may not understand the steps you take to manage your health
  • Why is it important to have a core circle with whom you can talk, and why you don’t have to explain yourself to everyone
  • Danielle’s sad and disappointing experience
  • Why talking to a therapist can be one of your best parts
  • How Danielle does self-care
  • What to do if you think certain foods may affect your health
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You will learn about mental health and mental strength

  • It is difficult to know which strategies can help you feel best. If you are struggling with mental health problems, it is even more difficult to solve all the problems.
  • Depression may tell you that nothing the experts tell you will work. Or anxiety may make you believe that anything you try will only make things worse.
  • The important thing is that you don’t ignore everything your doctor or mental health professional tells you. You may want to explore the reasons behind their recommendations in order to better understand why they are recommending certain changes or prescribing certain medications.
  • Try the advice of health experts-even if it’s only 30 days. And pay careful attention to whether this helps you feel better, worse, or the same.
  • There are many ways to deal with the same problem. For example, a doctor may prescribe medication for depression. The therapist may recommend a weekly conversation therapy appointment. The dietitian may recommend changes to the diet. It is up to you to decide which steps to take to improve your happiness.
  • Remember, sometimes, mental power needs to challenge your brain. When your brain doubts whether something is feasible, it may help to try to do it anyway. However, when specific treatments or interventions do not help, it is also important to recognize this-and be willing to try other methods.

Danielle’s famous quote

Danielle Walker

I look inward and try not to care about other people’s thoughts-this is easier said than done.

— Danielle Walker

  • Trying to focus on what is good and what I can own instead of focusing on deprivation helps me a lot.
  • I don’t need to prove myself.I am a good mother
  • We ask my audience to submit their comments on how food can save them. We received a lot of mental health reviews that I didn’t expect.
  • Certain mental health conditions may stem from your lack of hope in dealing with chronic diseases.

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