How to write a bibliography in APA format

The bibliography in APA format is an alphabetical list of all sources that can be used to write academic papers, essays, articles, or research papers. In some cases, your teacher may ask you to submit a bibliography in the final paper.

Even if it is not a required part of your homework, writing a bibliography can help you track the source and make it easier to create the final reference page in the correct APA format.

Create APA Bibliography

The bibliography is similar to the reference section in many ways, but there are some important differences. Although the reference section includes every source actually used in your paper,The bibliography may include sources that you are considering using but may be rejected because they are irrelevant or outdated.

Bibliography is a great way to track information you might want to use in your paper, and it is also a way to organize and track the information you find in different sources. In order to write a bibliography in APA format, you should take the following four steps.

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Start a new page

Your work bibliography should be separate from the rest of your paper. Start on a new page with the title “Bibliography” centered at the top.

Collect your resources

Compile all the sources you might use in the paper. Although you may not end up using all of these sources in your paper, having a complete list will make it easier for you to prepare the reference section.

This is especially useful when you are outlining and writing essays. By quickly browsing your work bibliography, you will be able to better understand which resources are best to support your essays and main points.

Reference for each source

Your references should be listed in alphabetical order of the author’s last name, and double-spaced should be used. The first line of each quote should be aligned to the left, and each additional line of quotes should have a few spaces to the right of the left margin. This is called hanging indentation.

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Create notes for each source

Normally the bibliography only contains information about the bibliography, but in some cases, you may decide to create an annotated bibliography. Annotation is a summary or evaluation of the source.

A note is a short description of approximately 150 words, describing the information in the research, your assessment of its credibility, and its relationship to your topic.Writing one of these for each study will make your writing process faster and easier.

Not only does this step help determine which sources will ultimately be used in your essay, but your teacher may request it as part of the assignment so that they can evaluate your thought process and understanding of the topic.

Reasons for writing the bibliography

One of the biggest reasons for creating APA format reference books is to make the research and writing process easier. If you don’t have a complete list of all references, you may find yourself scrambling to find out where certain information is included in the paper.

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Although your assignment may not require writing an annotated bibliography, it can be a very useful step. The process of writing notes can help you learn more about your topic, get a deeper understanding of the topic, and better evaluate various sources of information.

Very good sentence

If you are taking a psychology course, you may be asked to create a bibliography at some point as part of the research paper writing process. Even if your advisor does not explicitly request a bibliography, creating a bibliography may be a useful way to help you structure your research and make the writing process easier.

For psychology students, it is helpful to save any bibliographies you write during your study so that you can refer to them when studying for exams or writing papers for other psychology courses.


How to write a bibliography in APA format
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