April 1, 2022

To our readers –

It’s important to us that we provide you with accurate, reliable health information and that you feel at home regardless of your background.

To that end, we’re recommitting to the diversity commitment we first made in June 2020 – a detailed commitment to everyone who visits VigorTip so they can see their own in the voices and content we share reflect.

As a wellness website with over 38 million monthly readers, we’re in a unique position to create positive change. Start by covering the subject areas we ignore, giving voices to those we ignore, and representing those we ignore. Our goal remains to create inclusive content that covers the geographic, racial, gender, and physical diversity of our readers.

Over the next year, we will focus on these three areas: building a diverse team of contributors, reviewing and updating our content, and building partnerships.

People: We will recruit and expand Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) staff and contributors at VigorTip.

To be the most complete and inclusive source of health information and news, we must have a diverse team working for VigorTip.

Since 2020, we’ve been working to increase the number of people of color (POC) who share their voices on our site, but there’s still room for improvement. We will be working with more BIPOC health writers, medical expert committee members, expert sources, illustrators and photographers to create and enhance our content – not just on isolated topics about race, but within the coverage of our brand within the range.

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This work includes improving our recruiting program to ensure equal opportunity at VigorTip. Over time, we hope to see this result in the makeup of our staff and contributors.

By the end of 2022, we aim to reach at least 25% of BIPOC’s workforce. BIPOC employees currently make up 21% of the VigorTip Health, VigorTip Mind, VigorTip Family and VigorTip Fit teams. This includes editorial, commercial, sales, research and marketing.

Additionally, our goal is to collect and report accurate contributor demographics on a quarterly basis. We will do this by maintaining our database of contributors and a consistent and comprehensive response rate from these freelancers.

Content: We will increase the inclusivity and representation of written and visual content.

In 2020, we began working with Dotdash Meredith’s Anti-Bias Review Board to review and evaluate content for bias and inclusivity. Today, we work with the Anti-Bias Review Board to ensure our content and images continue to reflect the diversity of our readership and modern society.

To date, we have reviewed 58% of our traffic. The Anti-Bias Review Board provided us with anti-bias editorial guidelines, including guidance on making pregnancy and menstrual content gender-inclusive, removing disability language, correcting stigmatizing language, and emphasizing differences in access to care. These learnings continue to foster the ongoing education of our employees and contributors on issues of diversity and inclusion. We’re also working with our Anti-Bias Review Board to develop content features such as the Vaccine Sentiment Tracker, the Health Divide series, and focus on removing stigmatizing language from our sexual health content.

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In conjunction with the Anti-Bias Review Board, we will continue to identify specific areas of improvement in the subject areas we cover and update and remediate content to make it accurate, affirmative, and inclusive of additional experiences and identities.

On VigorTip Health and VigorTip Mind, we will continue to work with the Review Board and apply recommendations from ongoing content reviews. For example, we are working to highlight racial bias in mental health care and clinical research. Additionally, our goal is to prioritize people-first languages ​​over stigmatizing identity-first languages.

By the end of 2022, we are committed to reviewing and fixing 10% of our traffic through an anti-bias review board in addition to the 58% of articles already reviewed. This includes focusing on editing articles to update language, errors, omissions, and inaccurate information.

We will also continue to maintain a diverse library of visual assets, including illustrations, photos and videos for new content.

Community: We are committed to exploring and developing partnerships with other brands, organizations and leaders to promote inclusion in the health industry.

In 2021, we are partnering with the White Skirt Project and the Coalition for Positive Change as part of our Health Divide series on health inequalities. We will continue to build partnerships with various organisations to highlight their work and share the stories of real people from different backgrounds and life experiences.

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Our commitment to you

Our commitment and commitment to these goals is part of our team’s ongoing efforts to listen, learn and help our readers best take care of their physical and mental health.

To that end, our team remains committed to building anti-racist brands and communities, recognizing the racial inequities that impact the core content we create, and taking action to address inaccuracies and narratives that hurt the most vulnerable among us.

Please continue to hold us accountable and trust us in the team to do the same. We want to hear your thoughts on what you see in the VigorTip brand. Your feedback is valuable and helps us continue to improve and grow, with the goal of working together rather than creating stigma that could lead to more divisions.

Please email [email protected]

We make these changes today, and we will continue to work on them tomorrow and every day after that. Thank you for being a part of the VigorTip community and working with us to do better.


VigorTip Editorial Team